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There is no greater injustice than that done to the innocent victims of violent crime by allowing their attackers to suffer less than they.

How Do You Imagine God?
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How do you imagine God? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator I can not imagine God. But I can theorize on His existence, while at the same time accepting His Son. By definition, there is nothing that can exist outside of the universe. That means that God can be no larger than the universe and may be even quite smaller. That does not mean he does not exist. And there is nothing to say that God did not create the unviserse. There is nothing to say that God's clock does not run considrablly slower than our earthly clock, thus making 1 day in God's time the equivalent of millions of years in earth's time (ie, The Twin Paradox). This may explain why prayers seem to go unanswered and why God may not interact with the world. With the advent of String Theory & M Theory, we have reason to believe there are many more than 4 dimensions, with the possibility of parallel sub-universes of existence. "In my Father's House are many mansions". Who is to reasonablly and logically say that God and Heaven does not exist? And who can rationally proclaim to know the will of God?

My Beliefs

The tenet/practice/teaching I appreciate most about my faith is ... your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator It is a personal matter that I have no right to impose upon someone else. By the same token, others have no right to impose their beliefs upon me, unless they are invited to do so.

Religion & the Public Square

What should be the role of religion in politics? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator Religion that mandates ritual or belief (aside from harmless invocational prayer) MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED in the political or legal system. Who is to say with any credibilty that they know the mind of God? Such proclaimations are highly suspect of fraud. This is not to say that morality, fairness and justice based upon equality should be excluded. With the advent of the Muslim Islamic State, Shiria Law, and a multi-cultural environmet, it is even more imperative that religion be kept out of the political system of this country if it is to survive. A PATH TO SURVIVAL FOR A MULTI-CULTURAL DEMOCRATIC STATE When our country was founded, it was done so by a relatively homogeneous culture that over-ran the existing indigenous Indian culture(s). The country remained fairly homogeneous throughout 200 years, primarily due to the lack of global transportation and communication. But today we find ourselves confronted with an inflow of people from many cultures around the world that have diluted our national character. We aspire to freedom and equality for all, as well as the worth of the individual. In our aspirations, we have opened our doors to any and all, expecting that they would adopt to our mores and ways. What we have actually done is to create a system of government that allows other cultures to bring with them their own ways and establish sub-cultures where they don't even speak the same language. We have to ask ourselves, "is this really the United States anymore?". The refusal to adopt to our traditions, our base religion, and even our language gives rise to the potential for cultural war. And an even more troubling question arises when we stop to examine our own electoral system and come to realize that it is entirely possible that any one of these sub-cultures could threaten to over take the entire political system just by virtue of their unrestrained over-populating to create more voters in favor of their own cultural biases. At the heart of the problem lays the belief in an unfeterred system of "human rights" that remains unqualified. People the world over are demanding their alleged "rights". It would seem that in defining our legal system, we have built in the tools for our own self destrction. What we have failed to do is adequately define what constitutes the "abuse" of freedom. The question is this. IS THERE ONE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLE UPON WHICH ALL CAN AGREE IN DETERMINING THE CIVILITY OF BEHAVIOR? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE ANSWER. AND THAT ANSWER MUST BE FOUND IN THE "RESTRAINT OF BEHAVIOR". The only way that conflicting sub-cultures can peacefully co-exist is for those sub-cultures to abandon the practices found to be offensive by and an impostion upon the other sub-cultures. And it is this principle that should be the guiding light for the courts to base their social decisions upon. If we and the courts fail to award law suits based upon this premise, ie, restraint of behavior, and instead find favor with the side who is least restrained, more vocal and therefore more offensive and impositional, then the path to our own destruction lays befores us. In the absence of this principle being enforced, the battle for cultural supremacy will ensue unabated and our democracy will fall to the rule of cultural dominance through unrestrained ethnic reproduction.
Is interfaith dialogue important? Why or why not? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator YES. The conflicting dictates and dogmas of religions and the struggle for power among religions has been the cause of many a bloody and Godless war. That being said, the world's religions should consort to bring peace in the world.
Are religious beliefs compromised by engaging in politics? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator Only by the politicians who pander for votes.
Has 9/11 had any impact on your thoughts about religion? Are you more/less interested in learning about other religions? Do you feel more/less comfortable expressing your religious beliefs? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator 911 has resulted in a VERY NEGATIVE opinion of the Muslim world, especially after we provided them help in Serbia/Bosnia, etc. And more recent findings of their practices of Shiria and their unwillingness to bend with respect to the Ground Zero Mosque give rise to an even greater negativity. It is not the color of skin nor the origin of birth that is troubling. IT IS WHAT IS SEEN TO BE THE NARROW-MINDEDNESS OF THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM that causes great concern.

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Published October 11, 2010

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