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How Do You Imagine God?
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How do you imagine God? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator I don't think God really has a "choice" in anything He does. Whether you imagine Him as a robot or an absolute law, God always has to do what is best. As far as how often he interacts with our world, no one can really know. All Christians believe He/angels change our material world when they see fit, but do they just let the world run itself like a machine and occasionally fix something, or do they constantly tweak and perfect everything? After all, God can do anything, and time is nothing to Him, so as you are reading this He could be considering countless problems around the world, if He has to consider. And how does he interact with our world? Does he magically move matter, directly effecting a purpose, go into people's heads and affect the decisions they make, or has he set everything into motion a long time ago, when he created the world? It could be that nothing has to be done, it's just that infinite parts of his plan are falling together. All that I can understand is that I can't understand God. What factors into his decisions? How does he really feel for us, love us unconditionally, something nonexistent among men? When he created the world, or He thinks of plans, is that really work? In the end, He is a completely different being than us, and we will only understand Him some when sin is no longer a part of us.

Religion & the Public Square

What should be the role of religion in politics? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator religion should have no role in politics
Should courses about religion be taught in public schools? Why or why not? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator yes, but not courses assuming the validity of any religion. We should all be educated to understand other religions, and know what they believe, so a secular perspective on religion could be taught in public schools and leave decisions up to the kids.
Should the Bible, Torah, Quran or other religious texts be taught as works of literature in public schools? Why or why not? your photo/ link/ video has been held for approval by a moderator I really doubt that any religious books are good literature in the same sense as other books. Even if you believe every word of the bible is true, you could admit that it doesn't have the same purpose as books you read in high school or the latest bestseller. Then again, short excerpts would be acceptable, similar to short stories. After all, if fiction is allowed every where including public schools, why not read a parable and just take it for its literary value?

Get Involved

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Published October 11, 2010

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