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GREAT FOOD Season Four
Move Over Survivor…
GREAT FOOD is Going to Africa

While the newest cast of "Survivor" will spend their time in the African outback outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting, GREAT FOOD celebrity chef Keith Floyd has a different goal… outcooking. GREAT FOOD launches its fourth season on PBS with Floyd on Africa, an extraordinary food adventure starring the legendary culinary crusader Keith Floyd.

Joining Keith on this year's GREAT FOOD are Antony Worrall Thompson with Antony's Morocco, Rosemary Shrager with Rosemary: Castle Cook, Nigel Slater with Nigel Slater's Real Food and Alex MacKay with The Alex Factor. Antony tours the culture, places, and local dishes of Morocco and takes the viewer into some of the most picturesque orchards, street markets, and farms of this exotic country. Studying street foods, traditional music, carpets, henna, and other delights, Thompson flushes out the very best smells and tastes from every corner of Morocco. Rosemary is poised to put the Hebrides on the culinary map by showcasing her enthusiasm for the art of classic cookery. Coming from the beautiful surroundings of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle (pronounced Aven-Suey) on the Isle of Harris, this six part series follows a group of students on Rosemary's cookery course, offering a flavor of her unique personality along with the glorious Hebridean fare. Cooking meals that are easy to prepare with big flavor and fresh ingredients, are what Nigel Slater calls "real food". Nigel cuts through pretension and mystique with practical guidance, wit, and humor. Joined by Nigella Lawson of Style Network's Nigella Bites; Peter Gordon, Chef, The Sugar Club, London; Rowley Leigh, Chef, Launceston Place; Alastair Little of Alastair Little Restaurants and Paul Heathcote of Paul Heathcote's Restaurants. Alex's mission in his series is to bring interesting food to interesting people. Each episode he visits a different character(s) and finds out about their lifestyle and prepares a meal to match. He visits them at home, at work, or at play to find out about their lives, interests, and what makes them tick in the kitchen. Alex then cooks an appropriate meal, providing practical culinary solutions for the guest, and the viewer. He even learns a few things along the way.

Since its premiere in 1998, GREAT FOOD has given American audiences the opportunity to experience the work of celebrated chefs from around the world. With a wide variety of personalities, locations, and techniques, GREAT FOOD has featured the distinctive styles of Delia Smith, Gary Rhodes, Antonio Carluccio and Ainsley Harriott. The fourth season of GREAT FOOD will continue the commitment to excellence that earned the series a James Beard award in its first season.

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