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Keith Floyd's "Floyd On Africa"

Keith Floyd'sThe fourth season of GREAT FOOD takes global chef Keith Floyd to the continent of Africa where he continues his "Floyd On" series, cooking some of the most exotic foods in the world. Preparing dishes in some of Africa's most celebrated cities, Floyd on Africa's travelogue of entertaining and unique dishes take the viewer on a "gastronautical" tour of Africa.

This eccentric and highly acclaimed British Chef got his start in the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment by persuading the officers mess cook to experiment with various recipes. Since then, Floyd has been a bartender, restaurateur, antique and wine importer, even a vegetable peeler!

A chance meeting in 1984 gave Keith the opportunity to be in his first television show and he soon found himself presiding over his popular "Floyd On" series, capturing television audiences through his intuitive cooking in all kinds of locale all over the world.

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