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Note On the "Weird" Measurements and Ingredients
From the (American) Producers of Great Food

If you have reached this page, you have noticed that on Great Food our British counterparts sometimes use unfamiliar ingredients and measurements. Don't Panic!!! The recipes are terrific and will work perfectly with a few conversions from British to American English, which follow below. Just consider the following thoughts:

  • Your easiest course is to buy the series companion cookbooks, because they are completely "Americanized."
  • If you convert measurements yourself, and you research other metric systems, don't mix up metric and imperial measures in one recipe. Only use one system at a time.
  • As with all recipes, American or British, don't be afraid to experiment with substituting ingredients.

So, as Gary Rhodes would say, "have a go at it."

Weight Equivalents Chart ->

Inches Equivalents Chart ->

Volume Equivalents Chart ->

Oven Temperature Equivalents Chart ->

Ingredient Substitution Chart ->

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