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GREAT FOOD Season Four
Move Over Survivor…
GREAT FOOD is Going to Africa

While the newest cast of "Survivor" will spend their time in the African outback outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting, GREAT FOOD celebrity chef Keith Floyd has a different goal… outcooking. GREAT FOOD launches its fourth season on PBS with Floyd on Africa, an extraordinary food adventure starring the legendary culinary crusader Keith Floyd.

Joining Keith on this year's GREAT FOOD are Antony Worrall Thompson with Antony's Morocco, Rosemary Shrager with Rosemary: Castle Cook, Nigel Slater with Nigel Slater's Real Food and Alex MacKay with The Alex Factor. Antony tours the culture, places, and local dishes of Morocco and takes the viewer into some of the most picturesque orchards, street markets, and farms of this exotic country. Studying street foods, traditional music, carpets, henna, and other delights, Thompson flushes out the very best smells and tastes from every corner of Morocco. Rosemary is poised to put the Hebrides on the culinary map by showcasing her enthusiasm for the art of classic cookery. Coming from the beautiful surroundings of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle (pronounced Aven-Suey) on the Isle of Harris, this six part series follows a group of students on Rosemary's cookery course, offering a flavor of her unique personality along with the glorious Hebridean fare. Cooking meals that are easy to prepare with big flavor and fresh ingredients, are what Nigel Slater calls "real food". Nigel cuts through pretension and mystique with practical guidance, wit, and humor. Joined by Nigella Lawson of Style Network's Nigella Bites; Peter Gordon, Chef, The Sugar Club, London; Rowley Leigh, Chef, Launceston Place; Alastair Little of Alastair Little Restaurants and Paul Heathcote of Paul Heathcote's Restaurants. Alex's mission in his series is to bring interesting food to interesting people. Each episode he visits a different character(s) and finds out about their lifestyle and prepares a meal to match. He visits them at home, at work, or at play to find out about their lives, interests, and what makes them tick in the kitchen. Alex then cooks an appropriate meal, providing practical culinary solutions for the guest, and the viewer. He even learns a few things along the way.

Since its premiere in 1998, GREAT FOOD has given American audiences the opportunity to experience the work of celebrated chefs from around the world. With a wide variety of personalities, locations, and techniques, GREAT FOOD has featured the distinctive styles of Delia Smith, Gary Rhodes, Antonio Carluccio and Ainsley Harriott. The fourth season of GREAT FOOD will continue the commitment to excellence that earned the series a James Beard award in its first season.

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Program Descriptions

Program 401
Floyd on Africa: Cape Town

Keith Floyd arrives in Cape Town by yacht and cooks mussels in champagne on board. After visits to Victoria Falls and the township of Kyelisha he flies into Kruger National Park for a lesson in preparing ostrich stew.

Program 402
Floyd on Africa: Sun City

Keith Floyd travels to Sun City by helicopter and cooks lobster and crayfish stir-fry on a manmade beach. Before boarding the Rovos Rail train, he prepares a spectacular chicken stew.

Program 403
Floyd on Africa: Madagascar

Keith Floyd travels to Madagascar where he visits the Zoma market and cooks three traditional Madagascan dishes. When the boat he has boarded for a fishing trip breaks down, he takes comfort in preparing stir-fried prawns in rum on the veranda of a local home.

Program 404
Floyd on Africa: Majunga

Keith Floyd visits Majunga and cooks a fish soup on board an old trading vessel. On his way back to Johannesburg, he prepares an airline meal of fillets of pork with red and green peppers.

Program 405
Floyd on Africa: Durban

Keith Floyd travels to Durban where he meets the mayor, attends a rugby match, and prepares lamb curry for a tugboat captain. After travelling on horseback to Lesotho, he cooks chicken kebabs marinated in piree piree sauce for the Queen.

Program 406
Floyd on Africa: African Game Park

To recover from an encounter with a charging elephant, Keith Floyd cooks whiskey, double cream and pistachio nut flavored honey. In Zimbabwe, he prepares banana pudding.

Program 407
Floyd on Africa: Zambia

Keith Floyd travels along the Zambia River, preparing chicken curry sauté and visiting local vineyards. Later, he cooks grilled crayfish for two climbers on the top of Table Mountain.

Program 408
Antony's Morocco: Markets & Preserves

Antony Worrall Thompson introduces us to the basics of Moroccan cuisine and explores the Souks of Marrakech.

Program 409
Antony's Morocco: Essouria and Fish

Antony cooks tuna, mussels, sardines and prawns - all with a Moroccan touch and later pays a visit to Essouira.

Program 410
Antony's Morocco: La Rotunda and Street Food

Antony introduces simple traditional Moroccan street food. After the break Antony dines out at Kasbah La Rotunda, one of the best restaurants in Marrakech, and visits Djemma el Fna to experience real street food.

Program 411
Antony's Morocco: Villa of the Orchid and Shooting Star

Antony shows how to make a range of delicious and simple Moroccan salads and takes on a guided tour around the Villa of the Orchard of the Shooting Star.

Program 412
Antony's Morocco: Traditional Music

Antony cooks couscous, the essential ingredient to Moroccan cuisine, and experiences the delights of Moroccan music.

Program 413
Antony's Morocco: Solar Cooking

Antony cooks poultry the Moroccan way and visits a rustic farm run on solar energy.

Program 414
Antony's Morocco:
Wood Carving, Crafts and Meze

Antony shows how to make a variety of Moroccan dips and starters and then tours local woodcarving and crafts.

Program 415
Antony's Morocco: Carpets, Henna, Leather and Soups

Antony cooks traditional Moroccan soups — with a little variation. We learn about carpet weaving and ancient designs, and see the natural dyes.

Program 416
Antony's Morocco: Tea Ceremony

Antony shows how to make various traditional Moroccan recipes with phyllo and then takes part in the time honored Moroccan tea ceremony.

Program 417
Antony's Morocco: La Mamounia and Puddings

Antony cooks delicious desserts with a Moroccan twist and explores the world-famous La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech.

Program 418
Antony's Morocco: Architecture and Tagines

Antony cooks up traditional Tagine dishes and meets with the American Architect Bill Willis.

Program 419
Antony's Morocco: Fantasia and Vegetables

Antony goes vegetarian, cooking stuffed peppers and frittata and then visits Fantasia Chez Ali.

Program 420
Antony's Morocco: Morocco's Best

The final episode is a compilation of some of the highlights of Antony's culinary trip through Morocco.

Episode 421

Rosemary debuts her reality-based cooking school series in Amhuinnsuidhe Castle by taking her neophytes through the preparation of castellated crab, quail, and strawberry mousse nouvelle.

Episode 422
ROSEMARY: CASTLE COOK: Three Course Crash Test

The students continue their education with a three-course meal comprising scallops, Sole Amhuinnsuidhe, and fresh tarragon fettuccine with profiteroles.

Episode 423
ROSEMARY: CASTLE COOK: Field to Table Grouse

Rosemary coaches her students through the process of taking grouse from field to table in the preparation of a Castle Cook style feast.

Episode 424

Revealing the secrets of dressing a lobster, Rosemary makes her students squirm through the preparation of this "mind-blowing" meal.

Episode 425

According to Rosemary, "soufflés are one of the easiest things you can do" as her novice chefs are treated to a crash-course in Shrager soufflé.

Episode 426

Rosemary's students prepare a three course "final test" featuring scallops, prawns, and venison for themselves and eight guests.

Episode 427

Nigella Lawson, Star of Nigella Bites on the Style Network and Peter Gordon, Chef, The Sugar Club in London prepare an array of tasty chicken dishes such as Green Thai Chicken Curry, Coq au Riesling, Roast Chicken, Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Buckwheat Noodles, Garlic and Coriander Laksa, and Grilled Chicken with Chili Lemon and Mint.

Episode 428

Nigel and Peter Gordon dig up new recipes for the standard potato with Hot Fish and Chip Salad, Sweet Potato Mash, Pan-fried Potatoes with Thyme and Taleggio, Potato and Smoked Mackerel Dauphinoise, and Chips with Bearnaise and Roast Chili Sauces.

Episode 429

Hot chefs Nigella Lawson and Peter Gordon cool down Nigel with ice cream treats, including Hot Ice cream Pudding, Fig Ice cream, Raspberry Vanilla Sundae, Brandysnap and Almond Wafers with Banana Ice cream, Deep Fried Ice-cream and Mincemeat Parcels, Tamarind Ice cream, and Croissants with Caramelized Apples and Ice cream.

Episode 430

A garlic lovers guide with Nigella Lawson, Peter Gordon, Alastair Little, Head Chef, Alastair Little Restaurants; and Rowley Leigh, Chef, Launceston Place. Recipes include Pea and Garlic Soup, Slob's Garlic Bread, Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, Grilled Scallops with Sweet Chili Sauce and Crème Fraiche, and Pork Mushrooms with Garlic.

Episode 431

Peter Gordon, Alastair Little, Nigella Lawson, and Rowley Leigh get "cheesy" with Baked Goat's Cheese in Pastry, Masrcapone and Poached Pear Salad; Camembert Baked in a Box; New York Cheesecake; Ricotta and Spinach Roll; Cauliflower Salad; and Red Plums, Blackberries and Mascarpone in this episode with Patricia Michelson owner of the famed cheese shop La Fromagerie.

Episode 432

Alastair Little, Nigella Lawson, Rowley Leigh and Chantal Coady, owner of the chocolate shop, Rococo, surprise unassuming taste buds with Sticky Chocolate Pudding, Truffles, Pears with Florentine Cream, White Chocolate Cardamom Mousse, Hot Chocolate Soufflé, Italian Brownie and Chocolate Toblerone Sauce

Episode 433

Nigella Lawson and Paul Heathcote of Paul Heathcote's Restaurants prepare White Bean Sausages with Anchovy Mayonnaise; Italian Sausages with Roast Peppers and Onions; Chorizo with Potatoes; Hot Dog; Hash Browns with Black Pudding and Lancashire Cheese; Pasta with Spicy Sausage; and Chili and Cream.

Episode 434

Peter Gordon and Nigella Lawson, put together six classic sandwiches; White Sandwich Loaf; New Orleans Muffaletta Bacon Sandwich, Mushroom Sandwich, Spiced Indian Baguette, and Panettone with Hot Chocolate.

Episode 435

Chef Alex MacKay joins fire fighter Sean Judge and the rest of his watch on the night shift, and learns about the effects of shift work on lifestyles and eating habits.

Episode 436

Alex visits Life Coach Fiona Harrold at her home in Oxfordshire to find out just what a "Lifecoach" is. While cooking a meal especially for Fiona and her 9-year-old son Jamie, Alex discovers the importance of food in a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.

Episode 437

In the dramatic setting of Canary Wharf, Alex visits Buzz who lives on a houseboat to find out what it's like to live off dry land. Alex cooks "on the water" in the houseboat, and gets to know life off dry land.

Episode 438
THE ALEX FACTOR: George Bernard Shaw

This "field-trip" takes Alex to Shaw's Corner, the last home of writer George Bernard Shaw. He takes a tour of the house and talks with custodian Kate about her role at the house and what it's like to make your home in a living museum. He also learns a little about Shaw's precise and strict ideas about food.

Episode 439
Alex travels to Oxfordshire and visits a traditional local country pub. In this episode, Alex learns from the landlord all of the hard work that goes on behind the bar before and after closing time.


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