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The Great War
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The Russian Revolution
Orlando Figes
"The terror of the revolution was born in the militaristic methods of the war.

"There's no doubt that the immense human tragedy of the Russian Revolution would never have reached such monumental proportions unless it had been born of the war.

"The ruling mentality of the Bolsheviks was based in the military techniques of the war. The planned economy was modeled in the German wartime economy. The very fashions of the rulers were based on the military fashions (leather jackets). Their language was militarized. And the revolution, having adopted all these habits from the war, carried them through in the revolution.

"Military forms of organization were imposed on society.

"The Red Army became the model of the state's own organization. The economy was militarized with laborers, peasants. Moreover, the immense human costs of the revolution were all themselves born of the war.

"The soldiers who came back from the war, many of them brutalized, terrorized by the war experience, carried out, continued, perpetuated military methods of behavior in the villages, and indeed became the main supporters of the new regime in the countryside."

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