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The Great War
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Historians OverviewRobert K. Massie

Shaping of Russian in the 20th Century
Robert K. Massie
"The Great War was the sort of a climactic event, the turning point between imperial Russia and communist Russia.

"And Soviet Russia has been overwhelmingly important to all of us who have lived their lives in the 20th Century. Right after the victory over Germany and Japan, we spent most of the rest of our century, involved in this horrible cold war which had many hot manifestations in Korea, Vietnam, and so forth.

"We spent our lives confronting the communist states? which began with the murder of the imperial family.

"We spent trillions of our dollars; our Presidents were elected because they said they could stand up to communism. And only in the past few years, have we seen the sudden, sort of spectacular, collapse of this system: the destruction of the wall, and the replacement of communism by a sort of a fledgling democratic Russia. So that all of the 20th Century really has been dominated by the advent of communism in Russia. And the arrival of that was the fall of Imperial Russia and the killing of the Romanovs."

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