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The Great War
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Other Resources


The Brass Hat
379 Moody Rd., Pike, NH 03780. 603-989-5697. Books and videos on the war, mostly by and about the Marines. Call or write for catalog
Tommy’s Books
17403 1st Place SW, Seattle, WA 98166. 206-241-2615. Call or write for catalog or with specific requests. On the web:

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Over the Front: The League of World War I Aviation Historians
16820 25th Avenue, North Plymouth, MN 55447. Four issues a year. Back issues available


Ft. Sill Artillery Museum
437 Quanah Road; Fort Sill, OK 73503. 580-442-5123.
A special collection of artillery pieces, along with other artifacts and resources on the war. On the web:
Great War Militaria
P. O. Box 552; Chambersburg, PA 17201. 717-264-6834.
An extensive collection of memorabilia, artifacts and authentic reproductions from World War I, including a small-scale battlefield with trenches. Visit the shop and museum or send for a catalog of items for sale. On the web:
Hayes Otoupalik
Route 2, Evaro Road; 14000 Highway 93 North; Missoula, MT 59802. 406-549-4817.
Has thousands of items of American militaria from 1845 to 1945. Call or write for quarterly catalog
Liberty Memorial Museum
100 West 26th Street; Kansas City, MO 64108. 816-784-1918.
The oldest and largest museum in North America dedicated exclusively to World War I. On the web:
Miscellaneous Man
P.O. Box 1776 : New Freedom, PA 17349. 800-647-0069.
Tremendous collection of thousands of vintage posters and graphics. Catalog with over 1,200 photos. On the web:
National Infantry Museum
Building 396, Baltzell Avenue, Fort Benning, GA 31905. 706-545-2958.
Displays over 5,000 authentic items from its 25,000-item collection from all of America’s wars. Open seven days a week. On the web:
Patton Cavalry and Armor Museum
4554 Fayette Ave, Ft. Knox Ft. Knox, KY 40121. 502-943-8977.
A special collection of excellent quality World War I tanks and armored vehicles, along with other equipment and weapons of the war. On the web:
U.S. Army Art Collection
1099 14th Street, NW; Washington, DC 20005-3402. 202-761-5396.
An outstanding collection of period art items, including battlefield scenes
U.S. Army Museum Division
1099 14th Street, NW; Washington, DC 20005-3402. 202-685-2733.
A number of small items associated with the infantry during the Great War; an excellent source of additional information and on-site references. Can provide references to numerous other museums that contain World War I items.
U.S. Army Nurse Corps History
1099 14th Street, NW; Washington, DC 20005-3402.
A major source of information on the Corps and related topics. On the web:
U.S. Army Ordinance Museum;
ATSLA-M, Building 2611; Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 21005-5201. 410-278-3602.
A large number of World War I tanks and armored vehicles, as well as other items from this and most of America’s wars. On the web:
West Point Museum
U.S. Military Academy; Building 2110; West Point, NY 10996, 845-938-2638.
A wide variety of items related to the war, focusing on the army in France. On the web:


The Great War Society
P. O. Box 18585; Stanford, CA 94309.
Publishes a newsletter and a journal; holds seminars; sponsors tours; operates a web site. On the web :
Smoke and Fire
27 North River Road, Waterville, OH 43566. 800-766-5334.
Monthly newsletters about "living history" events, such as reenactments, pow-wows, rendezvous and exhibits. On the web:
Western Front Association
17 Aldrin Way, Cannon Park, Coventry, CV4 7DP, United Kingdom.
A London-based World War I group that publishes a journal and a newsletter. On the web:

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