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was screened at the 21st International Festival of Film on Art in Montreal in March 2002.

MUSE Film And Television,
Co-Executive Producer,
is one of the nationís largest executive productions companies that specializes in documentaries on cultural subjects. MUSE coordinates and manages the production of films from inception to completion by creating partnerships with independent filmmakers, technical consultants, content advisors, broadcasters, and distributors. MUSEís mission is based on the belief that film can be one of the most important tools in understanding art. By examining art in its historical and cultural context, MUSE documentaries seek to enhance the art experience. Founded in 1992, MUSE was created with the goal of producing necessary and innovative programs on the arts and making them available to the public through broadcast and educational markets worldwide.

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To order a copy of the film, call MUSE Film and Television: 1-800-593-4420
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