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Brenda Norcross

Associate Professor

Brenda L. Norcross

Brenda Norcross
For more than a decade Brenda L. Norcross has displayed a passion for fish, very young fish. She has studied juvenile flatfish, larval walleye pollock, and larval herring, spending much of her time in the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound. "All of these projects involve numerous hours of computer analysis in the lab," she explains, but she also spends weeks at a time in remote and beautiful locations of coastal Alaska. "My students," she says, "accrue a significant amount of "sea time."

Since 1989, Norcross has been at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, where she is currently an Associate Professor of Fisheries Oceanography. Early in her career, she studied fish and their natural environment, but after the Exxon Valdez oil spill widened her research to include to include the human effects on the environment. She is currently part of a research team looking at the distribution of juvenile fishes in Alaskan waters, and their availability to marine mammals, especially Steller sea lions, and seabirds.

Not all of her time is spent working in the Gulf of Alaska's chilly environs, in fact she spent a full twelve months living on a sailboat in the eastern Caribbean. This experience reinforced her belief that humans simply do not know enough about the rich, expansive sea environment that surrounds them.




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