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August 2, 2001 Souvenir Album:

Knight Island; La Touche Island; Tiger Glacier

Images | Video (click images for larger view)

Mommy eagle

A mother bald eagle watches over her nest on Squire Island. (Photo by Jonas K. Parker).

Copper mine

The original Harriman Alaska Expedition visited La Touche Island because Edward Harriman wanted to visit the newly-established copper mine. The mine, and the local town, were economically wiped out by the stock market crash of 1929. (Photo by Jonas K. Parker).

Mine tailings

Jonas Parker, a member of the Young Explorers Team, stands on the crest of a giant mound of tailings, left over from the abandoned mine. (Photo by Layton J. Lockett).

Ship kitchen

Expedition participants, eager to discover where breakfast, lunch and dinner came from, talked the Clipper Odyssey's chef into arranging a tour of the kitchen. A compact marvel of stainless steel, everyone was impressed that so much food could be prepared in such a small space. (Photo by Jonas K. Parker).

Tiger Glacier

An unscheduled side trip to Icy Bay revealed Tiger Glacier. This tidewater glacier is at the eastern edge of the massive Sargent Icefield, on the western shore of Prince William Sound. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

Harriman scholars

While in Icy Bay, the Harriman Scholars were called up to the sun deck for a chilly group portrait. Most of the scholars responded, and offered copious suggestions on how to take pictures. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

Kim Heacox

Kim Heacox, the official Harriman Expedition Retraced photographer, was inundated with cameras as virtually all the scholars wanted him to take a picture of the group with their individual camera. He soon looked as if he were auditioning as a poster child for a camera company. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).


Exploring Alaska might be exciting, but occasional diversions are appreciated. In addition to Scrabble, popular pastimes included playing the ship's grand piano, playing cards, playing chess, playing computer games, and reading. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).


Tiger Glacier

A panoramic clip of Tiger Glacier in Icy Bay. (QuickTime format, 320 x 240 pixels, 13 seconds, 2.3 megabytes. RealVideo alternative.) (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA)

Harriman scholars

Gathered together for a group portrait on the ship's sun deck, the Harriman Scholars proved to be a somewhat unruly crowd, offering a large number of suggestions on how to take photos. The large gray object at the left edge of the clip, nicknamed the "rabbit" by those on board, is the microphone used by the film crew. (QuickTime format, 320 x 240 pixels, 11 seconds, 1.8 megabytes. RealVideo alternative.) (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA)




For information on the Harriman Retraced Expedition e-mail: harriman2001@science.smith.edu

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