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August 6, 2001 Souvenir Album:

Triplet Islands and Kodiak Island

Images (click images for a larger view)

Triplet Islands


Young Explorers explore the Triplet Islands from a Zodiac. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

yet teacher

Melissa Wockley teaches the Young Explorers about kelp. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).


Small starfish were abundant in the waters off of the Triplet Islands. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

yet zodiac

Young Explorers and students visiting from Kodiak look for marine mammals and sea birds around Triplet Islands. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

Kodiak Island


Throughout the Harriman Expedition, party members were approached by Alaska Natives to trade for souvenirs. At the Baranov Museum in Kodiak, we saw what people at the turn of the century might have purchased in the Kodiak area. All these objects are property of the Baranov Museum and were catalogued by the Kodiak Historical Society. These moccasins were made of moose hide, with a cotton fabric lining. The beadwork reads "1903 Souvenir." (Photo by Allison Sayer).

kodiak mayor

Tom Litwin meets with Gabrielle LeDoux, the Mayor of Kodiak Island Borough, and Carolyn Flyod, the Mayor of the City of Kodiak, who presented Tom Litwin with plaques and the key to the city. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).


Aluttiq Dancers at a reception at the National Fishery Research Center. (Photo by Megan Litwin).

Dancers faces

Alutiiq Dancers at reception on Kodiak Island. (Photo by Megan Litwin).


Sunset from the deck of the Clipper Odyssey off of Kodiak Island at 10:30pm Alaskan Time. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).




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