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August 11, 2001 Souvenir Album:

Unalaska/Dutch Harbor

Images (click images for a larger view)

Russian Orthodox church

Church of the Holy Ascension of Christ, a Russian Orthodox Church, in Dutch Harbor. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

bald eagles

A juvenile and adult bald eagle resting on piling in Dutch Harbor. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

archaelogoists' site

Archeology dig site on the spit in Dutch Harbor lead by Rick Knecht. This site is a midden (garbage dump) that dates back approximately 1000 years. William Dall, an archaeologist during the original Harriman Expedition, also dug in this area in 1899. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

archeology dig site

Archaeologists have been working at the dig site since mid July and some of the artifacts they have found to date include a small carved doll, fish bones, shells and metal Russian rings. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

Bogoslof Island

Bogoslof Island is a critical breeding ground of the endangered Steller sea lion so access by humans is extremely limited. Fur seals and several species of seabirds are also abundant. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).




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