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August 12, 2001 Souvenir Album:

St. George Island, Pribilofs

Images (click images for a larger view)

red-legged kittiwakes

Ninety-eight percent of the red-legged kittiwake population nest on St. George Island in the summer months. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

thick-billed murres

Thick-billed murres nesting high on a cliff. Note the distinct white line running near their bill. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).


Auklet seen on a rock in the town of St. George. (Photo by : Natashia Dallin).

fur seals

St. George Island is famous for rich fur seal rookeries and is inhabited by approximately 250,000 northern fur seals. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

russian orthodox church

St. George the Great Martyr Russian Orthodox Church demonstrates strong Russian influences from the late 1800s when Aleuts were sent to the Pribilof Islands to hunt sea otters and fur seals by the Russian American Company. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).


Baidar being constructed. This is an open boat used for transporting crews around the islands by the people of St. George. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).

noaa barrels

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been cleaning and restoring a number of sites contaminated by over 100 years of U.S. government activity on the Pribilof Islands. Soil contamination, associated with diesel fuel spilled while filling heating and electircal generation tanks, is the primary focus of current cleanup activities. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA).




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