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The Legacy of Harry T. Moore
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Praise for Before His Timebook cover

"A gifted storyteller and a tenacious investigator, Ben Green uncovers a remarkable and heartbreaking tale that has been buried for fifty years. From now on, Harry T. Moore will no longer be one of the forgotten heroes of the civil rights movement but a man whose sacrifice will serve as a tribute to courage and a lesson to any who might forget the painful truths of our recent racial past."
--Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

"Almost completely forgotten by posterity, Moore was a victim twice over. He doesn't even figure on the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Ala., although he was every bit as courageous as those who do….So we can only share the author's admiration for his subject's singular achievement….Green has performed a valuable service in bringing attention once more to this courageous man. He does a good job of conjuring up the bug-infested, sweaty towns that are the backdrop…. The story is dramatic because of its very obscurity.
--New York Times Book Review

"A fascinating chronicle that fills in an important but often overlooked gap in the early civil rights movement's history…. Green admirably details Moore's life of sacrifice….A tribute to the hard work and dedication of a forgotten hero in the battle for civil rights.
--Kirkus Reviews

"Harry Moore's unsung legacy is finally getting the recognition it deserves….Green chronicles the tragedy and triumph of Moore's heroic life and the twists and turns of the racially charged murder investigation.
--Tony Pugh, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"His narrative reads with the intensity of dramatic fiction. Green's story is a reminder that violent racism in Florida is hardly a problem of ancient history.
--St. Petersburg Times

"Green leaves little doubt that few Americans can match Harry Moore when it comes to courage…. Moore has been largely forgotten. But he finally gets his due, and then some, in Before His Time.
--Orlando Sentinel

"An astonishing tale, one that does not reflect great credit on the state of Florida in the first half of this century….Green's book has pulled back the cheery wallpaper of nearly 50 years, to reveal a deep, ugly crack that was almost forgotten."
--Palm Beach Post

"A powerful account of Harry T. Moore and the pre-civil rights era in Florida. And it's a particularly Southern book, both in its depiction of men who could serve as paradigms for the region's soul and the lushness of the writing."
--Tallahassee Democrat

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