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Old Settler
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Design Roles

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John Iacovelli: The Production Designer In-Depth


Working With the Director

Bringing Experience to the Project

"I was nervous about working with Debbie Allen. You try to bring something of your own experience to whatever project you're going to do. And I'm not black, I didn't live in 1943 New York.

But we had to take a play that took place in one room and open it up, create more of the world. I had some experience with that."


John Iacovelli with Debbie Allen
Production designer John Iacovelli with Debbie Allen


Keeping Up With the Schedule

"You can't really tell what's right about a period room, but you can sure tell what's wrong. Part of the research was trying to find the real stuff. The set decorator, Jason, and I started going to flea markets and taking pictures of props and set pieces at Paramount and other places. Then we would give Debbie her choice."


Pulling from Debbie & Phylicia's Memories

Prop table
Dark furniture and doilies on the set


"I asked Phylicia and Debbie, 'What do you remember? You went to houses of people who lived like this when you were kids.'

Phylicia said, 'I remember dark furniture.' Debbie remembers doilies.

They both remembered little figurines of birds. Anything they remembered we did. Those memories are so powerful."


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