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Old Settler
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Design Roles

Designer Role & Bio

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John Iacovelli: The Production Designer In-Depth


Design Roles

Managing the Process

"The real fun part about designing - doing the sketches, the ground plans - takes up a minute time period of what I actually do. It's more about managing time than having an artistic sense. Most of it's cajoling, scamming, and stealing. Trying to find the things that you can get to make it a good-looking show. How am I going to get it there?

What time do you need it? Are you going to go late, so I can't do my changeover?"


Changeover List

EnlargeA member of the art department's 'Changeover/To Do list'


Working With the Art Director

Set painters
John Iacovelli confers with The Old Settler's set painters


"The joke in the Art Directors Guild is that about a thousand dollars is the difference between a production designer and an art director. In some cases, the jobs are interchangeable. In some cases, they're not. The art director evolved as the assistant to the production designer. The art director [in this case, Chris Brown] is the manager of the art department. That really frees me up to worry about the look of the picture, the feel of the picture."


Working With the Set Decorator

"The set decorator, Jason Howard, I've worked with for eight years. He's responsible for getting all of the stuff for the set. He understands my sensibility and I understand his, though the crew got confused the first time we dressed the set.

He would dress a bunch of stuff, then I would wait for him to leave and move a bunch of it around.

Then he would move it back, until we both were fed up with it and he said, 'Are you going to let me do this?'"


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