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The Trip

Travels with Horatio
Contains detailed information about Horatio Nelson Jackson and Sewall Crocker’s cross-country journey. Links bring you to photos, biographies, detailed descriptions of the trip, information on Winton automobiles and some facts about the United States in 1903.

Door Prairie Auto Museum
Pictures and brief information on Winton automobiles and Jackson’s trip compose this Web site. Links bring you to information about the Door Prairie Auto Museum and its exhibits.

Drivers Retrace First Cross-U.S. Trip
A National Geographic article about the retracing of Jackson and Crocker’s cross-country journey.

Talk with Dayton Duncan and photos
This Web site features audio links to NPR discussions with Dayton Duncan, plus photos of Jackson, Crocker and Bud.


Driving Vacations Through the Ages
An interactive site tracing the evolution of the American driving vacation.

Harriman Expedition - How Has Transportation Changed
This Web site outlines a lesson plan for young children about transportation and railroad tycoon Edward Henry Harriman's 1899 expedition to Alaska.

Inventors – Automobile History
Features information about Automobile history. The site includes timelines, biographies of important inventors, information on automobile inventions and essays.

The San Francisco Examiner
This newspaper article discusses the first efforts to travel cross-country by automobile. The article touches on Horatio Nelson Jackson, the Lincoln Highway (America’s first paved transcontinental road) and other historical cross country automobile trips.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History
The National Museum of American History's road transportation exhibit.
The information on the site covers horse pulled wagons, bicycles and automobiles.

Springboard - The Changing Face of the Automobile
A lesson plan about aerodynamics and the impact of automobiles.

Tuning Up for the Road
A listing of favorite American driving songs from the Berklee College of Music.


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