The stories of How We Got to Now take us to some incredible places where we learn about the people and ideas that have shaped our modern world. Explore the eight photo collections below to find out more!


An overview of the six innovations focused on in How We Got To Now.

Episode: Clean

The story of clean takes Steven to some amazing places. Have a look at where he's been…

Episode: Cold

Steven travels to the ends of the earth to see how far we have come in our relationship to cold.

Episode: Glass

In 'Glass' we discover how transformative the invention of clear glass was on society.

Episode: Light

From the invention of the electric light bulb to the first flashlight, Steven explores the story of light and how it has transformed society.

Episode: Sound

From the first phonograph to the noise pollution in New York City, Steven explores the development of sound in our society.

Episode: Time

Which elements of the story of time does Steven feature in the episode? Find out a few here…

On Location

See behind the scenes on the set of How We Got To Now.