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Storytelling, Aboriginal Style
Storytelling, Aboriginal Style

The images that most Aboriginal artists paint today are the same images that were painted on rock walls thousands of years ago. The Barramundi fish, Yingarna, the Earth Mother, the Rainbow Serpent - these are paintings that each tell a unique story. However, the Aboriginal artist doesn't paint a sequence of images as if outlining the plot of a story. Instead, they use single stylized images to trigger in the mind of the onlooker stories they already know.

The use of a single image is only one part of their storytelling secret. These artist also use music, song and dance…

But the use of a single image is only one part of their storytelling secret. These artists also use music, song and dance to enveloped their audience in a full multimedia experience designed to stimulate not only the eyes, but the ears as well. This soundtrack, then, is what has given Aboriginal stories the power to survive for thousands of years.

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