by Adriano Farano

Despite what you might have heard, being a tech entrepreneur is not easy. You spend months crafting a product, from design thinking to development, coordinating and encouraging your team. Working hard. Testing. Fighting against bugs — or at least cheering your team on. It’s not easy! And then that moment comes when what you’ve built [...] more »

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by Matthew Gelfand

I once worked at a content creation agency in Boston where we churned out an exorbitant volume of content for client companies’ websites on a daily basis. Each writer was responsible for 15 to 20 stories per day that ranged from 200 to 500 words. We peer-edited and posted all of our work in a [...] more »

Best Practices
by Alexa Schirtzinger

Recently, a group of Knight Fellows visited the offices of Matter, a media-focused venture capital firm in San Francisco, just around the corner from the playground where Twitter was born. It was an immersion in startup culture, which exhorts would-be entrepreneurs to “focus on the user,” “fail fast,” and embrace the idea that “life is [...] more »

Best Practices
by Alexander Zolotarev

If the London Summer Olympics were called the Twitter Olympics, the Sochi 2014 Games were definitely the Instagram Olympics. (Though I personally expected Vine to be more of a boom for these Games.) The flow of digital content was impressive and, according to Mark Adams, IOC communications director, numbered at 90 percent of all the [...] more »

Best Practices
by Heather Martino

#HashtagFatigue, anyone? According to Mark Luckie, manager of Journalism and News at Twitter, you should be using one — maybe two — hashtags per tweet. “It should be the subject of the tweet,” Luckie explained to Tow-Knight fellows during a recent visit to Twitter’s Midtown East office. “The more hashtags you use,” Luckie said, “the [...] more »

Best Practices
by Lisa Gardner

For more than 70 years, one fixture of Mongolian life was not unlike that of its closest neighbors. During the Soviet period, the sole source of information in the then-satellite state was the state-run Mongolian National Broadcaster. Twenty years on, and Mongolians now enjoy access to a growing media market. High-speed Internet and more than [...] more »