by Rodrigo Davies

Spike Lee joins Zach Braff and Rob Ford’s Veronica Mars on the list of celebrities to turn to Kickstarter to fund a project. It now seems that no star is too big  —  or too cool  —  to crowdfund. But what does the arrival of big names mean for the future of crowdfunding? With big […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

As part of a 4-part series, Video Volunteers is sharing what we’ve done over the last year, our experiences, and what we’ve learned. Part 1, which you can read here, was a basic introduction to IndiaUnheard, our flagship rural feature service. Part 2 outlines new ideas we implemented into our training programs in 2011. For […] more »

by Dan Schultz

My colleague Matt Stempeck said it best: “Dan, I know that your life has been a tornado wrapped in a hurricane wrapped up in a whole box of tsunamis this week, but you really need to start wearing pants to work.” It turns out only part of that quote is accurate, but you’ll never know […] more »

by Jon Vidar

“The next category is Community Collaboration,” says the emcee as we slowly sink down in our seats at the Online Journalism Awards. We’re resigned to defeat against our formidable competition, which includes both CNN and Andy Carvin for his social media-infused orchestration of NPR’s coverage of the Arab Spring. No way are we going to […] more »

by David Cohn

At this year’s ONA conference, I’ll be on a panel called “I failed and so can you.” I’ve always been a big fan of failure. I think journalism should hold a “fail camp“ (inspired by Ethan Zuckerman). When I restarted the blog carnival, a site that I’ve organized where bloggers can convene to all write […] more »

by Tom Grasty

At the recent MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference, I had the pleasure of speaking to 16 of the most promising thinkers in the area of digital news. Culled together from myriad of disciplines and backgrounds, some had already established themselves as pioneers in the digital space.Others had come from legacy newsrooms. A few had found their […] more »

by Cody Shotwell

Upon returning to stay with family in Olympia, Wash., to continue work on SeedSpeak, our Knight News Challenge Project, as well as complete a long-postponed creative writing project, I decided to commit myself to disconnecting completely from social media for two months. And, to the greatest extent possible, I wanted it to be an all-around […] more »

by Joe Spurr

Of all the challenges since November, when we began our Knight-funded project, hooking up the Internet was probably the least expected snag. Our project, OpenCourt (formerly Order in the Court 2.0 ), aims to modernize an old-school district courtroom and stream its proceedings live online. There was so much policy to chisel out. There was […] more »

by Teru Kuwayama

When she picked up the phone, I could tell from the sound of her voice that she didn’t know yet. “I’m sorry to tell you this — but I wanted you to hear from a friend, not Facebook. Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya. Chris Hondros too. I’m really sorry.” There’s a nauseating absurdity to […] more »

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