Tag: citizen journalism

by Barrett Golding

Imagine an online environment for learning the art and craft of multimedia journalism, a place for media consumers to become media producers. We think this goal realizable because … we’re doing it. In the Transom Online Workshop (TOW) a bunch of wanna-be producers come together as a group on Facebook, where a couple of instructors lead them [...] more »

by Paromita Pain

The world lauds the way India leads its polio drives. But small hamlets like the Sakhri Village in Madhya Pradesh, that fall outside these efforts, don’t make news. Their story would, perhaps, never have been told. But, thanks to the efforts of crusading journalist Saroj Parasthe, not only was the situation highlighted, but also remedied. [...] more »

by Trevor Knoblich

In my previous post, I argued that established, traditional newsrooms tend to be most comfortable accepting citizen reporting or user-generated content during a large-scale, widespread emergency event. In these circumstances, newsrooms often accept photo and video submissions from the public, or even seek them out on Instagram, Vine or Twitter. Professional journalists or editors may [...] more »

by Trevor Knoblich

The aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings demonstrated yet another significant marker for citizen journalism. Felix Salmon, in an excellent post on the Reuters blog, wrote that the manhunt for a suspect in the bombings “in many ways represented the first fully interactive news story.” The crisis again demonstrated the value — and risks — [...] more »

by Trevor Knoblich

The field of journalism has faced a number of technology-driven changes in the past decade, including the advent of blogs, the generating and sharing of news via social media, and the tentative move by many governments to provide open data. So many elements of news have evolved that many experts think we’re on the verge [...] more »

by Stewart Long

Last week, Public Laboratory announced that public domain maps are now starting to show up on Google Earth and Google Maps. But how did the projects get there? Here’s a timeline of a Public Laboratory map project. Making a map Public Laboratory projects take a community-based approach to making maps that differs depending on where [...] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

This is Part 3 in a 4-part series in which Video Volunteers is sharing what we’ve done over the last year, our experiences, and what we’ve learned. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In August, the Video Volunteers staff attended an amazing program called the Global Social Business Incubator at Santa [...] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

The state of technology today means that nearly every village in the developing world could have someone — a local changemaker — who broadcasts his or her issues to the world. It’s commonplace today to hear people say the world is flooded with content and that “everyone” can now be a producer. At every community [...] more »

by Victoria Fine

We at The Tiziano Project were shocked and honored last week to be named as finalists for the 2011 Online Journalism Awards in the categories of General Excellence in Online Journalism – Micro Site and Community Collaboration. The Tiziano Project provides community members in conflict, post-conflict, and underreported regions with the equipment, training and affiliations [...] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

For me, June has always been a conference month — and this year was no exception. On my way to the annual MIT-Knight Civic Media meet-up in Cambridge, Mass., I made an essential stop in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus University, which is based in the Danish city, organized a major soccer conference in partnership with a [...] more »