Tag: coding

by Cindy Royal

I am working to improve digital awareness and skills among journalists, journalism students and faculty by developing an open-source website with training modules that will help them learn to code. As data visualization becomes a legitimate and important means of storytelling, the demand for people with programming and data skills will increase. Journalists who understand [...] more »

by Matthew Gelfand

“I definitely think that coding now is a kind of a literacy, no matter what position you are in.” –Louise Ma, WNYC’s data news interaction designer, in CJR Here’s a fact: The occupation of newspaper reporter was recently rated by one career services website as the No. 1 worst job of 2013. With a negative [...] more »

by Dan Sinker

Change is awesome — it’s a necessary component to anything remaining vital and a required ingredient to facilitate organic growth. And so it’s with real excitement that today I’m announcing changes to the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership. Before we get to the changes, some quick background: Conversations around the original partnership began in 2010, with [...] more »

by Dan Sinker

This week on MediaShift, we’re exploring the moving target that is teaching journalism. Stay tuned as we offer tips, tools and insights on educating tomorrow’s journalists. “Beyond J-School 2011” is sponsored by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, which offers an intensive, cutting edge, three semester Master of Arts in Journalism; a unique one semester [...] more »

by Kara Oehler

WFMU is putting on a festival Oct. 28-30 to celebrate and probe radio’s future. This gathering of folks brings together the medium’s fans, tinkerers, futurists and broadcasters to talk about what might happen next. The opening night of the WFMU Radiovision Festival, featuring radio legend Joe Frank, sold out in a matter of days, but [...] more »

by Phillip Smith

> “The Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership is all about producing kick-ass open-source code, recipes, and ideas to solve real problems, in real newsrooms, with real teams. We do this by tapping into communities of journalists and developers, and getting them to design, invent, and learn with us. And also by deploying fellows into news organizations [...] more »

by Nicola Hughes

The best journalism comes from digging. Not phoning up press officers but speaking with those in the know. Not seeking comments from experts but going out onto the streets. The real stories, the scoops and the breakthroughs don’t come prepackaged. So why limit data-driven journalism to the relatively few sources of clean, pre-packaged and nicely [...] more »