Tag: community news

by Lorie Hearn

The inewsource “virtual space” idea started with a simple goal: get more eyeballs on inewsource content. But as we started to play around with a strategy, the goal became much more ambitious. I’ve long believed that as traditional media has shrunk, people seeking information valuable to their lives have thronged to the niches – whether […] more »

by Philip Neustrom

A few of you have been wondering what we’ve been up to since our Kickstarter pledge drive ended, so we want to give you a quick update on our Knight-funded project, LocalWiki. For those of you who are more technically inclined, we hope to also provide an insight into these early stages of our process. […] more »

by Brad Flora

Last June, my company, NowSpots, won Knight News Challenge funding to build better local online advertising products for newspapers, alt-weeklies, and community newspapers. We’ve been building our product and working in closed beta with pilot publishers these last months.   We’re seeing great results and are about to open up to new publishers. If your publication […] more »

by John Ewing

We’re just winding down my Knight News Challenge project, Virtual Street Corners, and haven’t had time to sort through all the recorded materials and debrief the participants, but I wanted to share some initial thoughts and reactions. The most encouraging takeaway from the project was the enthusiastic response it received. It seems to have struck […] more »

by Steven Clift

Special Invite – Join the Pew Internet and American Life report author in a special Q and A discussion on the Locals Online community of practice now! Cross-posted at blog.e-democracy.org (with additional links). According to the just released Neighbors Online report from Pew Internet and American Life, 27% of American adult Internet users (or 20% […] more »

by Richard Anderson

The internet has created the need for radical change in the community news business. Incremental changes such as Yahoo consortiums will not be sufficient to stem the loss of print revenue. Consumers do not want to be limited to browsing content provided by legacy top-down, control oriented news organizations. As well, banners and buttons, the […] more »

by Mark Glaser

I’m going to be posting weekly questions here on Idea Lab to spark discussion by the various authors, as well as our community of readers. This week I’d like to follow up on the recent theme of new business models for local news sites. Many small hyper-local community sites start up with Google AdSense ads […] more »

by Kimberly Sultze

The Innovation Incubator students have headed to Toronto for the Online News Association conference. Working with the challenge of re-invigorating community journalism, students from seven institutions have been working long hours since the beginning of the summer to come up with innovative ideas through what turned out to be the ‘tough love’ process of creation […] more »

by Mark Glaser

A few weeks back, I heard gunshots outside my window. It was pretty scary, and reminded me of my urban environment here in Potrero Hill, San Francisco. But where could I turn to get the story on what happened? Was someone killed? Do police know what happened? In the past, I might have heard something […] more »

by Richard Anderson

VillageSoup is one of the James S. and John L. Knight Foundation’s first year’s recipients of a Knight Brothers News Challenge Grant. It is in Gary Kebbel’s words, the only single platform, full service projected funded in 2007. I will try in this blog to share a view which will hopefully encourage others to engage […] more »