Tag: context

by Rich Gordon

If you want to follow the news, the web has a lot to offer: a wide variety of information sources, powerful search tools, and no shortage of sites where people can voice their opinions. At the same time, though, the web can be overwhelming. Hundreds of links turn up in a Google search. Relevant information […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

A few weeks ago, I spotted a link to something called deathpanels.org getting passed around Twitter, and quickly traced its origin to Matt Thompson, Knight Foundation interim online community manager and general champion of contextual journalism. (Note: deathpanels.org is an independent project of Matt’s, and not affiliated with the Knight Foundation.) Remembering a conversation that […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

One pig, if only in the news topic logo*, usually gets a cameo in television coverage of swine flu. The lonely pig is out of context, though — separated from the three-quarters of a million caged, crammed, and fattened pigs slaughtered annually at the massively polluting pig factory in the town with the first human […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

Senator Barack Obama mischaracterized statements of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. To be charitable, there’s only so many media narratives any one person or even campaign can try to change at one time. That’s my question for today: how are these media narratives formed in the first place, and why? Easier question: Did you see the videos […] more »