Tag: design thinking

by Cody Shotwell

As this year’s batch of News Challenge applicants hurriedly slid those last-minute applications under Knight’s door, the SeedSpeak team and its technology partner Gate6 were busy prepping a very limited sneak peek of the SeedSpeak website. Please stop by and show us love by giving us your contact information; we’ll use it solely for the [...] more »

by Chris O'Brien

My post last month — Future of Local News About More Than Paid Content — generated some thoughtful discussion and comments. But there was one thread that I want to highlight in order to elaborate on an important concept for news innovators. Before I dive into the details of the conversation, let me summarize my [...] more »

by Chris O'Brien

I had the great privilege to be invited to sit on a panel earlier this month at the Institute of Design at Stanford to provide feedback on an effort called, “Redesigning Journalism.” I’ve been wanting to visit the “D School” for some time now. So I jumped at the chance to participate. In this case, [...] more »