Tag: engagement

by Anika Anand

Why study your audience? Simply put, without audiences there would be no media. In other words, a news outlet can’t exist without an audience. A few weeks ago, I read a blog post written by Texas Tribune fellows Jake Batsell and Tim Griggs about how they’re studying the Tribune’s audience. In my still-evolving job description […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

In Uganda, where many lack access to the Internet, people can engage with local radio stations to make informed choices and hold their leaders accountable. Using SMS and a new tool, TRAC FM, listeners can respond to poll questions such as: What service delivery should be a priority: health care, education, security, sanitation or transport? […] more »

by Ian Bogost

Earlier this month a group of journalists, game designers, and academics gathered at the University of Minnesota for a workshop on newsgames. I was there, as was fellow Knight News Challenge winner and San Jose Mercury News tech business writer Chris O’Brien. After the event, Chris wrote a recap of the meeting here on Idea […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

Over the weekend, TechCruch’s confessed “old media snob” Paul Carr posted an interesting response to my call for more newsgames. In the post, Mr. Carr was quite complimentary to my overall reasoning, but differed in one fundamental respect: Maybe I’m getting old. Certainly I’m an old media journalism snob. But the fact is, when faced […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

I’m excited about finding new ways to market and promote SochiReporter.ru that inspire the citizens of Sochi, Russia to contribute to the site. I believe that you can be a lot more creative when marketing a website. As opposed to a newspaper or radio station, a website can reach a larger, even global, audience. I […] more »

by Dan Gillmor

Will Bunch recently published a piece at American Journalism Review about journalists’ disconnection with the communities they cover, and wondered if (how) online tools could help them reconnect. Read it all. Here are the thoughts I shared with him in full (edited to remove redundancy now that I’ve added links to previous postings). Q: When […] more »