Tag: entrepreneurship

by Tom Grasty

I worked for 10 years in the film and television business as a development executive. I’ve spent the last two and a half years as co-founder of Stroome, an online video editing and publishing platform and 2010 Knight News Challenge winner. You might think that these two things wouldn’t be related. But, they’re actually more [...] more »

by Tom Grasty

At the recent MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference, I had the pleasure of speaking to 16 of the most promising thinkers in the area of digital news. Culled together from myriad of disciplines and backgrounds, some had already established themselves as pioneers in the digital space.Others had come from legacy newsrooms. A few had found their [...] more »

by CJ Cornell

Imagine a well-known Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Wanting to repeat his success, he scrutinizes all his articles and discovers they contain the letters “E” and “R” 10 times more frequently than any other letters. In his next article, he focuses on increasing the use of these letters, and then plans on teaching his new-found secret during [...] more »

by Dan Pacheco

Last week at MIT’s annual Future of News and Civic Media conference, I stood on the stage with Knight Foundation CEO Alberto Ibarg├╝en and made an announcement. FeedBrewer Inc., a new company I co-founded with two other Printcasting team members, is donating 6 percent of its corporate stock to a brand new Knight Media Innovation [...] more »

by David Cohn

Whenever people ask me about the process of building a website, here’s how I explain their choices: “There is good, fast and cheap — you get to pick two.” Spot.Us has quietly started development again. I’ll be putting up sketches of a much needed re-design on the Spot.Us blog soon, but you can see a [...] more »

by Dan Gillmor

The irony was deliberate when Steve Outing and Steve Kearsley soft-launched their new online comic strip, techGRL, a week ago today. It’s a humor site, yes, but the goal — “not just a comic strip, but also an online community” — was no April Fools joke. Reinventing comics online is an expanding arena. Mark Fiore and other talented folks have [...] more »