Tag: global warming

by Martin Moore

There is a moment with which all stand-up comics are familiar. It comes when they release their big punchline, sometimes known as the “drop.” For the drop, timing is everything. A successful drop means a joke takes off. An unsuccessful drop leaves it flat on its face. The already-infamous release of climate change emails was […] more »

by A. Adam Glenn

When Boulder, Colo., voters passed the nation’s first municipal “carbon tax” last fall, it was an engraved invitation for me and my partner Amy Gahran at citizen journalism outfit I, Reporter. As long-time veteran environmental journalists with years of online experience, we’ve been on the look-out for ways to explore participatory journalism’s potential on a […] more »

by A. Adam Glenn

One of the big lessons we’ve learned in just a few months into the Boulder Carbon Tax Tracker project is the enormous challenge of getting community members to think of themselves as journalists. more »