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by Desiree Everts

Company downsizing or early retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of a journalism career for Baby Boomers in the media industry. Many are looking to entrepreneurship or other innovative ways to participate in media as their next step. In fact, a study from the MetLife Foundation found that adults in the 55-64 age group […] more »

by Desiree Everts

The changing media landscape has closed a lot of doors for many journalists over the years. But, it’s also opened them — creating opportunities for people to build their own, new forms of media. That’s particularly true for women, which is why J-Lab and the McCormick Foundation launched an ambitious effort in 2008 called the […] more »

by Retha Hill

I attended the second annual Augmented Reality Event conference in Santa Clara, Calif., in May and it was … interesting. OK, it was a huge geekfest. The opening session was interrupted by people dressed in hazardous waste — or maybe they were supposed to be pseudo-astronaut — outfits, yelling about “free space,” while wrapping the […] more »