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by Phillip Smith

Over the next four weeks, a very interesting experiment is going to unfold. The most exciting part about it is that it’s entirely open source: You can observe it, interact with it, and improve it. We’re calling this experiment the “learning lab.” It’s the second stage of the [Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership](https://drumbeat.org//journalism/), which kicked off [...] more »

by Mark Surman

Recently, we’ve seen a huge change in video online. The advent of web native video makes it possible to mash up moving images with social media, tie clips to data from across the web or, more simply, create simple transcript-based interfaces for navigating long pieces of video. Yet, despite these capabilities, we’ve seen almost nothing in [...] more »

by Nathaniel James

Going over my notes from the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, the panel that was definitely the most valuable to my work on the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership was Hacking the News: Applying Computer Science to Journalism. What we’re doing The Knight-Mozilla Partnership will be embedding 15 techie fellows within news organizations for a year [...] more »

by Steven Clift

The Knight Foundation is beginning to make some waves in local democracy circles. And I am not just saying that because they fund this blog. Earlier this year they hosted a conference with community foundations on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy, then they announced the Knight Center of Digital Excellence focused on [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

Hello from sunny Las Vegas! I am here for the E&P Interactive Media Conference at the Rio Hotel, but also to welcome the next round of winners in the Knight Foundation’s 21st Century News Challenge. These folks will soon be blogging here on Idea Lab, and it’s quite a group of winners. (To see the [...] more »

by Lisa Williams

“People misunderstood what we mean by innovative — they looked at what won last year and applied it to a kind, cute, delightful new content area that made us just cry when we had to reject it.” — Gary Kebbel, Knight Foundation, speaking at the Berkman Center for the Internet and Society about the process [...] more »

by Lisa Williams

Hello World! Seems fitting to open this new space with this traditional greeting, used by humans upon first interaction with a new computing environment. My name is Lisa Williams, and along with 23 others writing on this blog, I am one of the winners of the Knight 21st Century News Challenge. I pause here, because [...] more »