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by Josh Stearns

People are hungry for local news and they follow local issues and debates closely. I’ve seen that in my daily work with newsrooms and communities in New Jersey and New York, and it is reinforced in a new report on “Local News in a Digital Age” just released by the Pew Research Center. Using surveys, […] more »

by Jeremy Hay

I’m an outsider trying to work inside a community to launch its own local news organization, the success of which will depend largely on it being organic to the community. I tell people the news service will be here in East Palo Alto. At other times, I say it will be there. I stand in […] more »

by Josh Stearns

This post originally appeared on the Local News Lab. Recently the New York Times introduced their NYT Now mobile news app. In an effort to hook new subscribers they teamed up with Starbucks, offering Starbucks rewards members a 12-week free trial of NYT Now. The Times already offers Starbucks customers access to free articles when […] more »

by David Cohn

For this month’s Carnival of Journalism I am going to invoke the rule of “no apologies” and change the question a bit. Host Steve Outing asks: “What emerging technology or digital trend do you think will have a significant impact on journalism in the year or two ahead?” I don’t think it will be a […] more »

by Martin Moore

It is easy to overestimate the similarities between the U.S. and the U.K. As Oscar Wilde wrote back in 1887, ‘‘We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language.” But one of the unfortunate recent similarities has been the parallel crisis in local news, especially at newspapers. In both countries existing […] more »

by Philip Neustrom

So much of the unique knowledge and experiences we acquire through years of living in a community gets spread only by word of mouth, or worse it just stays “locked up” in our heads. But this is great stuff, valuable expert knowledge that can benefit everyone. After all, when it comes to the communities where […] more »

by Kristofs Blaus

SocMap.com (GoMap) is a map-based interface for local news, initiatives, building projects, public hearings and tweets. Our project, which won a 2010 Knight News Challenge grant (GoMap)-riga, is ment to turn a city into a neighborhood, a place where everybody sees and hears his/her friends, can communicate with each other, and have fun based on […] more »

by Steven Clift

Special Invite – Join the Pew Internet and American Life report author in a special Q and A discussion on the Locals Online community of practice now! Cross-posted at blog.e-democracy.org (with additional links). According to the just released Neighbors Online report from Pew Internet and American Life, 27% of American adult Internet users (or 20% […] more »

by Dan Gillmor

Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, is launching a for-profit news startup in Hawaii, where he and his family live. This is important news, and not just because he’s involved. A few months ago Pierre and Randy Ching founded Peer News. Their first project was a Twitter-related experiment called Ginx, which didn’t get critical mass and […] more »

by Martin Moore

Most people would now acknowledge that there are serious structural issues facing regional and local news in Britain just like in the US. The UK’s main commercial broadcaster (ITV) says it’s too expensive and it will stop providing it unless the government makes it worthwhile (see Michael Grade’s piece in the Telegraph). Local newspaper circulations […] more »