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by Denise Cheng

This post was co-written by Pablo Rey Maz√≥n. A day before Hurricane Sandy touched down, netizens began to congregate via etherpads, Google Docs and IRC, assuming the name “HurricaneHackers.” HurricaneHackers teamed up with Sandy CrisisCamps — a series of hackathons organized by CrisisCommons around the world — to host a hackathon here at MIT Media […] more »

by Nadav Aharony

What three things do you always take with you when you leave your home? Most people would say their keys, their wallet, and their mobile phone. But what if your phone wasn’t just a phone? It already isn’t. At Behavio, we want to help small developers, researchers, data gatherers, and end-users lower the barrier of […] more »

by J. Nathan Matias

Citizen journalism and social media have become major sources for the news, especially after the Arab uprisings of early 2011. From Al Jazeera Stream and NPR’s Andy Carvin to the Guardian’s “Three Pigs“ advertisement, news organizations recognize that journalism is just one part of a broader ecosystem of online conversation. At the most basic level, […] more »

by Dan Schultz

Last month, I had the privilege of participating in the Mozilla-Knight Learning Lab. This four-week online lecture series pulled together 60 individuals interested in journalism and technology and got them to sit together watching an array of guest lecturers. The end product from each participant was a project proposal. Since it looks like I’m going […] more »

by Dan Schultz

I’m a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab. I guess I’m old now. I started writing this post three months ago and in the blink of an eye an entire semester whizzed past my head. Or perhaps into my head would be more accurate; it’s just that kind of place. I want to share […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

Henry Jenkins: I do think that the concept of networked publics has a great deal to offer us in terms of identifying a way of addressing some of the concerns you raise here, but I also think you need to go into that realm with your eyes wide open. So much has been written about […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

(Part 1.) (Part 2.) Dayna Cunningham: Thank you for reminding me that we are talking about institutions and cultures and politics and that media are nothing more than tools within these contexts. We need social organizations, not just technology. Drat. I was hoping for a quick fix. I saw a Washington Post poll, reported on […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

(Part one.) Henry Jenkins: Thanks for this really rich provocation, Dayna. These are questions which we need to be discussing as a society and they should be central to our understanding of “civic media,” “social media,” whatever we want to call it. As a media scholar, my first response to any request to develop new […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

One of the most powerful sessions of my class on New Media Literacies and Civic Engagement last fall came as a result of a visit from Dayna Cunningham from MIT’s Community Innovators Lab shortly after the 2008 election. Cunningham challenged me and my students to think about whether new media tools and platforms might help […] more »

by Lisa Williams

Yesterday I got to go to the MIT Media Lab to sit in on a gathering of researchers and graduate students involved with the Center for Future Civic Media. It’s hard not to get all fangirl when going to the Media Lab. I mean, I used to read about this place in issues of Wired […] more »