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by Dan Schultz

A friend once told me that if I were a superhero I would be called “The Includer.” She was right, I’m usually the one trying to get more people involved in whatever is about to happen. Superhero or not, my crowd-mongering has taught me one thing: Groups are complicated. I’m sure you know what I […] more »

by Juliana Rotich

Rebecca Wanjiku is a project assistant for Ushahidi in Kenya. She interfaces with many organizations and individuals who have inquiries about Ushahidi. In this post, she shares her perspective and experience. “How do we inspire active participation in a project that is non-political, and not related to a crisis?” 

This is a question asked by […] more »

by Dan Schultz

Last December I wrote about digital community and social media tools in a post titled, In Search of a Community That Takes ‘Me’ Out of Social Media. My ultimate argument was that although community tools exist, they are underpowered and unpopular compared to modern networking systems like Facebook and Twitter. That post sparked a lot […] more »