Tag: police

by Rodrigo Davies

Last week the emergence of three separate crowdfunding campaigns for private security patrols in Oakland’s Lower Rockridge and Uplands neighborhoods provoked a lot of debate and criticism. For some people, it was a clear example of crowdfunding crossing a line. Not a line of good taste or judicial process as we’ve seen before, but the [...] more »

by Eliza Kern

Storing paper records in the attic of a police station might sound like a practice from the distant past, but that’s what I learned happens in at least one rural North Carolina county. In fact, good old-fashioned paper copies of public records are still common in rural parts of North Carolina. Part of our job [...] more »

by Ryan Thornburg

A few months ago, my kids hit an inevitable, but still terrifying, milestone — they began asking for a pet. Being a complete Scrooge, I quickly set to work explaining that pets are hard work and expensive. Showing a strong knack for journalism, they demanded proof of my assertions, so we set off to the [...] more »

by Gail Robinson

The New York City Police department, which issues (or refuses to issue) press passes and identification cards, has denied credentials to at least three on-line reporters we know of, including Gotham Gazette city hall editor Courtney Gross. In some instances, the denial seems like out and out political retribution. Leonard Levitt, a former Newsday reporter [...] more »