Tag: privacy

by David Ardia

This is the fourth in a series of posts I’ve written that call attention to some of the topics covered in the Citizen Media Legal Guide the Citizen Media Law Project began publishing in January. This past month we rolled out the sections on Newsgathering and Privacy, which address the legal and practical issues both […] more »

by G. Patton Hughes

Chances are you’ll be getting a notice regarding changes in privacy policies from the various web sites from hgtv.com (Home and Garden) to myspace and other publishers and advertising related businesses associated with the Internet Advertising Bureau. These changes in privacy policies are the result of a new marketing approach endorsed by the Internet Advertising […] more »

by David Ardia

Back in January, I announced the launch of the first two major sections of the Citizen Media Law Project’s Legal Guide covering Forming a Business and Getting Online and Dealing with Online Legal Risks. This past month we began rolling out the section on Newsgathering and Privacy, which addresses the legal and practical issues you […] more »

by Leslie Rule

For a while now I’ve been describing the locative process as overlaying a virtual landscape on the physical world. I’ve been describing locative media as embedded content in place. Some people do ask, “in place of what?” In the end, it’s all a way of saying Locative Media is the hybridization of the virtual world […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

Mark Andrejevic: Living through the ’90s, there was this euphoric set of predictions about the empowering and democratizing capacity of the new medium. I read that against what the current political and economic situation looks like today. […] What concerns me is the way in which the celebration of the potential so quickly slides into […] more »