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by Adam Thomas

You have an iPad edition, right? And your site is fully responsive — on every device, every screen size? How about events? Are you doing events? We’re making a lot from our dating service, too. Those guys over there are moving into publishing, one-click, straight into the e-book store. Naturally, we tried paywalls; now we’re […] more »

by Joe Spurr

Traditional media organizations cover big cases, and they do it well. Part of what’s neat about streaming normal courtroom proceedings as a part of OpenCourt‘s efforts is being present for the interesting hearings that would otherwise fall through the cracks. For instance, in a scene about a week ago that echoed a plot line from […] more »

by Joe Spurr

The highest court in Massachusetts has just ruled in favor of OpenCourt’s ability to video record, stream and archive public court proceedings online, writing that restricting rights to publish would violate First Amendment press protections. The decision arrived during Sunshine Week, a national initiative to promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and […] more »

by Joe Spurr

A version of this post first appeared on the OpenCourt blog. A man charged with selling drugs inside the courthouse. A woman said to have shoplifted $5 worth of barbeque chicken wings. A man charged with multiple counts of raping a child with force. A longtime Drug Court participant booted from the program for taking […] more »

by Val Wang