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by Christian Fahrenbach

We’re halfway through our Tow-Knight program in Entrepreneurial Journalism in New York. Within the last two months, we argued with people from Kickstarter and Contently about who exactly is going to finance journalism in the future. Brandon Diamond showed us innovations in the huge Huffington Post Lab, and Julia Reischel explained to us her ideas […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

Recently, we looked at Vox Media’s strategy to build a modern media company. One big way the company has made a name for its properties (The Verge, Polygon, and SB Nation) is with full-team deployments to cover important live events. Major tech industry announcements like the product launch keynotes popularized by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

Vox Media, the parent company behind tech website The Verge, gaming site Polygon, and sports site SB Nation, is a hybrid media and technology company that tightly integrates its coverage with internal software development. They produce original reporting on these topics, but they also produce software products to support that reporting. Internally, their product team […] more »