About Independent Lens

I never feel alone in the world when I’m watching an episode, even if I’m by myself.
—Bill Moyers

Airing weekly on the PBS primetime schedule, Independent Lens is television’s largest showcase of independent documentary film. Each week we bring you another original documentary film, made by one of the best independent filmmakers working today. Independent Lens has received 10 News & Documentary Emmy Awards, two Primetime Emmys, 16 George Foster Peabody Awards, five Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Journalism Awards, and seven Academy Award nominations. In addition, Independent Lens was the winner of the 2013 International Documentary Association Best Continuing Series Award and of the 2014 and 2015 International Documentary Association Best Curated Series Award.

This season, from fall to summer, Independent Lens presents a new group of award-winning films that will thrust viewers into the heart of conversations tackling everything from faith to family, gun violence to race relations, and elder care to young love.

Independent Lens will introduce you to an incredible array of unique characters: a veteran who tours America on his motorcycle in a quest to help both himself and other vets heal; a bright young student and his teacher, both sons of migrant farm workers; Polynesian football players in Utah trying to win on and off the field; people on the autism spectrum as they navigate dating and romantic relationships; the Black Panthers, who influenced American culture for decades; a famed magician who dedicates his life to exposing frauds but withholds a few secrets of his own up his sleeve. The series goes abroad to India for a harrowing story that may have sparked important change; to observe what happens when rival factions attempt to unite to create a democratic Zimbabwe; and to Eastern Bloc-era Romania as an intrepid VHS bootlegger and a brave translator bring western movies to audiences behind the Iron Curtain. The season will take you from North Dakota for the story of a tense standoff between white supremacists, to the Olympic boxing ring where a young woman from Flint, Michigan became the first female boxing gold medalist.

All along the way, Independent Lens will bring these rich stories to even wider, more diverse audiences, engage communities in conversations, and provide an authentic space for many voices.

Independent Lens also kicks off the season with a newly revamped web site, which is now fully optimized for mobile users; you’ll find it faster, easier to use, and more comprehensive.

Independent Lens airs Monday nights on most PBS member stations. Check your local listings, and don’t miss an episode! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and join our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, promotions, reviews, and schedule.

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