About Independent Lens

If I were heading for a desert island with only one complete set of DVDs, I’d be taking Independent Lens. There’s no more authentic way to stay in touch with real people and life as it is. I never feel alone in the world when I'm watching an episode, even if I’m by myself. —Bill Moyers

Airing weekly on the PBS primetime schedule, Independent Lens is television's largest showcase of independent documentary film. Each week we bring you another original documentary film, made by one of the best independent filmmakers working today. In its first eleven seasons, Independent Lens received 7 Emmy Awards, 13 Peabody Awards, 5 duPont Awards, and has been nominated for 7 Academy Awards.

This season, Independent Lens returns with 23 independent films that will take you around the United States and far beyond.

We’ll crank up the volume for the uplifting story of how an iconic American rock band found its new lead singer in the Philippines, and the story of sibling musicians testing their jazz legend father's ideals against their own brotherly vision; we’ll take you to the theatrical stage to watch plays evolve before our eyes, and to the wood block counter of a Japanese master sushi chef as he creates art on the plate; we’ll travel to the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain States for intimate looks at Native American culture; we’ll enter ballot box battlegrounds in Arizona, in the debate over immigration laws, and Maryland, for the measure on gay marriage and how it’s divided the African American community; we’ll bring you the tense and moving stories of a hospital emergency room and those of empowered high school students changing their lives for the better; we’ll travel back in time to look at the unforgettable story of the Philadelphia MOVE bombing tragedy and trace the history of grassroots activists who fought to turn AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition. These and so many more will challenge, delight, and enthrall you from October to June.

"Now in our 12th season, Independent Lens aims to be the best showcase of documentary film, representing the breadth of work being done by filmmakers from across the spectrum of documentary genres," said Lois Vossen, Deputy Executive Producer. "We’re focused on working with diverse filmmakers, and bringing stories to underrepresented audiences. Independent Lens champions high-quality journalism along with point of view documentaries. Our goal is to help viewers better understand today’s complex world by taking them to places they wouldn't otherwise see, and encounter people they wouldn't otherwise meet."

Independent Lens airs Monday nights on most PBS member stations. Check your local listings, and don’t miss an episode! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and in our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, promotions, reviews, and schedule.

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Modified 9/2/14