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An elderly Caucasian couple stand holding hands, smiling at the camera. Bob, in a tweed jacket over a dark shirt, stands slightly behind Dorothy, who is to his right wearing grey, rumpled pajamas. Paintings hang on the walls.

From the Filmmaker Q&A

Simply put, we hope the film helps people to overcome their denial of aging and at least to have a profitable and honest conversation about their future, or a loved one’s future. And we hope that people are inspired by Saint John’s efforts to create better alternatives for all of us when we are old and need help.
—Brad Lichtenstein and Lisa Gildehaus

Shot on location in a nursing home, ALMOST HOME tells the real stories of aging: couples both bonded and divided by disability, children torn between caring for their parents and their children, nursing assistants doing unsavory work for poverty wages, healthy elders fearful of moving to the dreaded nursing home, and a visionary nursing home director committed to changes that would shuck the nursing home stigma and alleviate such dread.

Community Engagement

ITVS Community is proud to support ALMOST HOME with a variety of community outreach events and materials. Get facilitators’ guides and additional resources at >>

Download the viewers' discussion guide (PDF) >>

For additional resources including interviews, essays, video clips and curriculum visit the filmmakers’ Web site for ALMOST HOME >>

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