Nursing Home Reform



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I enjoyed your program of Almost Home. I believe it is very important for nursing home facilities to take advantage of volunteers to meet the emotional needs of their residents. My husband, my two teenagers, and I have the privilege to visit a nursing home twice a month to bring a church service to the residents. They elderly enjoy singing with us and listening to the message. I visited in an occasion when a professional singer was performing and I saw more activity in our service than in the presentation of this man, even though he was a great singer and musician. The difference was that in our service the elderly sing along with us. Thank you for your program.

Both my parent's have been in an assisted living environment since 2003. My father passed away a year ago but my mother, who has Alzheimers, still resides at the home. I could relate to just about everything in your story! My brother and I are co-guardians and co-conservators for our mother (and our father, when he was alive) and it has been quite an undertaking!
Camilla Lubking

I just viewed the film on Nursing Homes. Oh My God! You got it so right from every aspect. A great teaching tool. Great work!!!I am a Nursing Home Administrator and Registered Nurse-have been for years and years. This is the best and most insightful work I've ever seen on this subject. Thank you a thousand times.
Stuart Bishop
Payson, AZ

We watch very little television, apart from Jim Lehrer and Frontline, but Almost Home by Independent Lens was of the same remarkable quality. Congratulations to all who had a part in preparing it.
Coreen Hall
Phoenix, Arizona
Your show tonight about old patients in a nursing home in Wisconsin really touched my heart. To see how the old still needed love even when their spouse didn't come to see them, they would reach out amongst them selves Or the gentleman that would put his wife's make-up on really made me feel good inside. I would like to be able to see how they're all progressing in the future.

May God bless you and yours
Margaret Huyck
Chicago, IL

Play it soon! and play it again -- this is an excellent perspective on how we can make institutional long-term care more elder-friendly. It won't be easy, but this is a subtle, articulate look at what must be done to have places where we ourselves wouldn't mind living when we can no longer make it on our own. This has been an OWL issue for a long time: preserving a sense of dignity until the very end. All of us need to think about the options, and plan for what we want.
Usen Nkere
Houston, Texas

The despair of despairs is going through life only to die alone.

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