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Rosie Stephanie
Name: Rosie
I'd wanted a dog all my life and finally brought home Rosie, a busy, black and white bundle of fur. She was so sweet, funny and such great company that I wanted to share her with others, especially with people who were sad, sick, or lonely and in need of cheering. I signed on with Delta Society's Pet Partners Program and then, to inspire others to join visiting programs with their pets, I wrote a book called ROSIE, A VISITING DOG'S STORY. Rosie's gone now and I miss her mightily. But the letters and pictures I get from people who read the book let me know Rosie's still out there doing her job. Good dog, Rosie!

Callaway and Lady Steve
Name: Blue
Blue is a Bloodhound who was adopted from Midwest Bloodhound Rescue. He now is a therapy dog with Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy. He loves kids and other dogs. He loves going for rides in the car and even got his photo in the Sunday Chicago Tribune in an article about people who downsized cars from big to small.

Callaway and Lady Deborah Letourneau
Name: Callaway and Lady
These two dogs are the apples of my eyes. They get a long great together and such a great addition to our family! They both are Shelties, Callaway's Ears stand up and Lady we saved from a Puppymill. She has hound ears but is still a full breed sheltie. She was left to die due to her ears. I love her any way!!

Blue Neli
Name: Blue
Hi, I'm Blue. Actually, my full name is Lester "Blue" Houdini.
My owner thinks I must be part Grey Hound and part Australian Shepherd, but she's not sure.
This picture was taken during the dead of winter when the furnace wasn't working. The blanket is my own since it doesn't show my shedding dog hair.
I think I'm a lucky dog. I was rescued from the pound by my owner, a gentle and somewhat forgetful middle aged woman who seemed overtaken by my cuteness at the time. I'm 8-years old now, but when I was rescued from the pound I was only 6-months old and pretty sick with kennel cough. My owner seems to still think I'm cute even though my eyebrows have turned white.
I try to take good care of my owner and protect her. We live in the mountains and I circle, once, twice or three times, our property each morning to make sure all's good. I bark at strangers, mountain lions, coyotes, ravens and even people we know, since I feel this is my duty and I want to earn my keep. I get lots of Love, rides in the car, long walks in nature, good food and bones from the local butcher in return. And, oh, a lot of kisses, maybe too many.
One of my favorite treats is blue cheese or buttered toast and/or bagels.

Beans Kathy DePatta
Name: Beans
Beans is 11. He stopped being a dog when he joined our family. He looked like a kidney Bean, when he was a pup. Beans is a great hiker, a great traveler. He sneaks into hotel rooms. He attended football games when my son played in college. He's slept in dorm rooms, and he is refered to as our fourth child. Beans can swim, but doen't like it much. Beans is very interested in a female companion for his "later years" If there are any white chihuahuas with pink noses he is definately interested. After finding this web site, Beans is going to renew his KNPR Membership.

Ginger Cindy LaBlanc
Name: Ginger
This is Ginger. (In this photo, she is sulking because I had to go to work.)
She is my adopted dog who is like a daughter and friend to me. We got her from the North Shore Animal League in NY, who got her from Louisiana because noboby had a home for her there. Hard to believe, as she is truly an angel and the best dog I can ever imagine.
She is 12 yrs old now and is managing while enduring a debilitating disease but is doing good, despite the challenges. She is truly a gift from God to me and always has been. She'll always be my angel.

Name: Bitey
This is Bitey or 7 year old monster, she got the name from when she was a nightmare puppy that managed to open-toed all of my girlfriends shoes in one sitting. As soon as we get home , she leaps up squeaking at us before picking up the nearest of her toys that we have to play with like this big furry ball. Where would we be without them eh?

KIYO Susan
Name: Kiyo
Meet my Kiyo-bear!
He is my best friend and constant companion. Other than being a bed-hog:) he is the most wonderful, perfect dog and we are lucky to have found him! He was a rescue dog from a very nice lady who took him in as a puppy with many problems.. after more than a year, I finally saw him on Petfinder (the best place to find your best friend) and brought him home. He looks like a Shilo Shepherd but is most likely a GSD with collie, Keeshond or Chow. Whatever he is, he is beautiful, and I love him! As a child I had a GSD who was devoted to me.. I highly recommend every family with children have at least one!!!

Name: King Arthur
His life was short only 5 years old, but it brought so much pleasure and also heartbreak to my husband and myself.
King Arthur was one of 5 puppies born to our little Sparkle (Pomeranian), her one and only litter. We kept the only pure red one and found great homes for the others. He was born on June 4, 1994. He was not breathing, Sparkle pushed him aside and went on to deliver and care for the next puppy. I grabbed up Arthur and tore the sack off him, rubbed him in a soft cloth and breathed into his little mouth, miraculously he breathed and our bond was set for life.
There was no training to do with Arthur because Sparkle took care of that, he was housebroken almost from the day he was let out of the large box we kept the puppies in. Due to our having a doggie door to our fenced in back yard, she taught him the outside was for potty and play. Arthur was a creature of habit, he stuck to his schedule, at nine each night he would give us one good-night bark and walk down the hall to his doggie bed (it was his bed time), roll over onto his back and snore like a little old man, while my husband, Sparkle and I all were in the King size bed. When 6:00 A.M. came he barked at my side of the bed, I would pick him up and put him beside me. We would snuggle for a few minutes, at which time he was ready to begin his day.
No one entered our home without Arthur barking loudly to let us know that someone was there, but he didn't want anyone to touch him but my husband or myself. And "Please don't mess up the hair"!!!! He was very smart seeming to know what you were saying when you talked to him. Everyone's head turned when Arthur walked by, his hair glowed like a copper penny with the sun shinning on it, I have seen pretty dogs but I have never seen one with the beauty and grace that King Arthur had.
I have never seen a dog with as much courage as he had when he went blind. He walked with the same pride and displayed a courage one would never believe (most people didn't know he was blind). The last year of his life was spent mostly in a dark world, but it was as he thought someone had just turned off the sun. He knew his back yard and his house, of course we made the proper adaptations for a blind dog and still used his doggie door. He never feared of the many veterinarians he saw, including the eye specialist from New Orleans, who determined that he was blind from inflammation of the optic nerve (cause unknown). He always sat beside me and in my lap when I was on the computer, we enjoyed the close bond we shared.
King Arthur went to the Rainbow Bridge on Aug. 18,1999 because of a brain tumour and inflammation of the brain stem that was causing a great deal of pain and loss of balance, I had to "love him enough to let him go," when the pain became more than he could handle. He drew his first breath in my arms and he drew his last in my arms. I have his little body buried in my back yard but his spirit is forever buried in my heart. I still have his Mother Sparkle and she has taken his place beside me when I am on the computer.

USHMA Yvonne
Name: USHMA (the hard-to-photograph ink spot)
My last four dogs have been adopted. Ushma is one of three now, and the most recent arrival. She was 8 months when I saw her at the shelter and it was instant love all around. The shelter asks you to bring your other animals to see how all get along before adopting. Great idea. She is a black Lab-mix of most tender ways, and one year old. Her big sister (smaller in size) is Sanji, from the same shelter. Ushma became instant family for us all. She hogs the bed which is a bit difficult, but who care after all? We get plenty of exercise with Ushma here to entice us into chase and play games. She watches the goats through the fence with great attention. She romps with Sanji and curls up close to her and Nickmas. She knows this is her permanent home: I told her so many times. We are grateful for this graceful presence in our lives. I am grateful for the company of all these beautiful and devoted creatures. The devotion is reciprocal. I can hardly bear to leave them for shopping... 32 miles away from the farm. Going home I smile, knowing my three 'babies' will greet me with more than enthusiasm. People ask me if it isn't a bit much, all those long tails and the close-by objets d'art. It's a lot of in-house energy. But there's plenty of room and nothing makes me LOL like watching a race around dining table, coffee table, chairs, upstairs & downstairs. The fun is great. And, after all, they do sleep a great deal of the time, because of all the outdoor exercise as well. We love to be cozy around the fireplace. We love to be all together.

NICkMAS Yvonne
He was howling and lost. He followed me home. It was just before Christmas in '96 and I already had three dogs. No one in the community knew him. We took him in, then right to the vet who told us he was about 1 yr old. We bathed him, loved him, and were torn about keeping him with so many others,especially big Jake, the Wolf/Shepherd mix of 150 lbs. But he was irresistible. And the house is very large, and the acreage is more than can be handled. We named him Nick for 'old St.Nick' and because it was Christmas; he became Nickmas.

This boy is devoted and tolerant. When the very senior Jake died, Nickmas became 'leader' and was much respected and loved. He has seen pals come and some (his elders) go. Now he is the elder in our family. His relatively new companions Ushma and Sanji are affectionate and get an occasional few licks in return. He enjoys his quiet time, but still digs holes everywhere like crazy. He is too stiff now to jump on the bed, (and there wouldn't be room for me anyway) but sleeps on a well padded dog bed by the side. I am hoping for continued quality time with this amazing Rottie-BlueHeeler- mix maxi-pal.

She is all things combined. She is body-wiggling happiness in a package of unknown origins, (probably some Shepherd, although she is small-medium). Her right eye was injured when she was found on the streets and brought to our local shelter. It has healed and her vision is fine now. Sanji lives with Ushma, and Nickmas, and me (and three goats which do not share the house with us). I think I am the alpha dog but I am not sure. Although I am 72 I can play with the most vigorous of them for long hours. Our home is an 11 acre farm and safety, health, country pleasures, plus good organic food are important to us all. Sanji sleeps at the foot of the bed, keeping my feet warm, and missed her companion Cadeau when he suddenly died. We all grieved hard. She now has a new playmate, Ushma. During our long rainy season, she patiently puts up with towels and paw cleaning whenever she comes in from outside. (In and out, in and out)(three of them; maybe I am the patient one). These doggers are with me constantly. I have been fortunate in sharing my life with only the most sweet tempered k-nines (many breeds) over the last 40 years. Sanji is everyone's friend, yet a good watchdog whose hearing is so keen that she barks when a leaf falls (slight exaggeration). We are in rural Oregon and take excellent care of each other.

Name: CADEAU (by the creek)
This 'elongated' Rottweiler sweetie was found by me in a BiMart parking lot without I.D. After putting out a search for owners, I adopted him. He was only about 6 weeks old. The vets (several in consultation) told me he had congenital 'issues' and that the physical problems I intuited had no medical solution. He grew into a fine and fiesty young guy, who immediately bonded with his packmates, especially Sanji, the "mixed mix". I will send in a photo of her as well. Cadeau was adored, and slept curled around my head as a pup, and later back to back with me. The three dogs have three fenced acres (because of bears and coyotes and elk in addition to the usual concerns) of interesting sniffing and digging potential, with both meadow and forested land. When not outside exploring safely, they are inside the large country house play-fighting, and sunning on the deck, and enjoying visitors. I wrote a long poem about Cadeau 6months before he died which is published in a volume of my poetry. I didn't know a stroke was imminent. I was his human for only three years, during which time he acted like a very healthy dog, knowing no discomfort that was communicable. Even though on some level I sensed he was fragile, I was totally devastated, and miss him terribly. So do the others, Nickmas and Sanji (rescued from shelters). In time I found a new playmate for Sanji (Nickmas is a Rottie-Blue heeler mix-senior who observes more than participates). She loves her sister, Ushma, a black lab-mix of gentle disposition. (photo later). We are three again. There have always been three. A life without dogs is unthinkable.

Lego Emily A
Name: Lego
Lego, is a five year old black lab. She came from Pennsylvania. We had seen a dog that came from her breeder and we knew right away we wanted a dog just as good as the one we saw. Lego is cute, funny, but still has much spunk. She is one of the most reliable dogs, and learns quickly. We are glad that we picked Lego. The best thing about her is that she has a smile that will brighten your day.

Billy Name: Billy

Wonderful show. Is this story in a book form also?

Billy says hello.

Lucky and Raisin Name: Lucky and Raisin
Lucky (dog on the left), a large black labrador retriever came into our lives after being abandoned. The first time we saw Lucky, it was a Saturday night. We dropped our children off at an all night youth retreat at our church. I noticed the friendly looking black lab tied to a bush with a rope. Thinking that someone visiting the church had tied him up there, I didn't think too much of it. When we arrived at the church in the morning, the dog was still there. Only by this time our kids had untied him, given him water and some scraps of food. When we drove into the parking lot, the dog jumped into our car, and into our hearts. The name "Lucky" seemed natural. Lucky was my dog, and everybody knew that. Two of his final summers were spent at Green Lake, Wisconsin. He took to the water like a fish, and loved to run in the open field. Lucky died of bone cancer at the age of 10.

His "student" Raisin (on the right) was also abandoned. She is a black lab mix, and was found as a puppy, whimpering loudly, sitting in a snowy gutter, on a cold winter day. As no one in the neighborhood knew where this puppy had came from, we adopted her. She remains with us today, and is an extremely sweet dog who loves our grand-children as much as we do. When I look at her, I can't help but think of Lucky. Soon after though, I realize that my relationship with her is just as special and my love just as intense. She knows this, and reciprocates willingly.

Raja Name: King Raja Louie
My old girl, Daisy chose Raja for me (after a diligent Internet search of all the animal shelters in the state of Colorado and a bit of happenstance). Daisy also came from the Humane Society and has been the best dog a person could ask for twelve years running. Raja is, according to my best guess, a Border Collie-Great Pyrenees mix. He uses his nose like a Border collie, and is big, white, and mellow like a Pyr. Not to mention a shameless snuglebunny!

Dog demi marlin
Name: zak
i got my dog zak when i was 5. i am 10 now.he is a shi tzu/lahpso apso (sorry i know i spelt it wrong).he is black and white.he loves sleeping on my bed.he is 5 years old.he loves to go for walks and eating his bones and treats.once in a while we give him scrambled eggs.he HATES baths.whenever we put him in the tub, he whimpers,shakes and jumps out of the tub. his birthday is on december 26th.we didnt get him from the S.P.C.A.We are soon geting another dog from our friend. her dog meika is going to have puppys.we are hoping to get a girl and name her zoe.i will still love zak just as really exited. iv always wanted two dogs! i also cant wait to see zaks reaction!and im sorry i dont know how to load a picture of him onto the computer.

Sunny Katy Schuele
Name: Sunny
Hi, This is my dog Sunny. She is a ISSR Shiloh Shepherd. She is with me all day long, and is the best companion I could ever ask for.

She's very well behaved, except for a slight (ok, maybe more than slight, lol) theiving habit. She is an excellant pick pocket. This trick is self taught, so take it up with the dog if your missing money after leaving my house.

She's a very reserved dog, and generally dosn't like anyone but close friends and family. Except for children. She loves all kids.

Dog Anita Brix
Name: Caitlin and Ryan
I adopted Caitlin in August, 2001. She was a beautiful 14 week old Australian Shepherd. At the end of that same month, I adoped Ryan, a 5 month old sheltie who had been severely malnourished. Ryan was in such terrible shape that I didn't think he would live to see his first birthday. He looked like a walking skeleton who was afraid of everything and didn't seem to understand very much. I wanted his "last days" to be filled with love...but Caitlin had other plans. She instinctively took over caring for Ryan. While I took care of supplying him with nutritious homecooked food, lots of tlc and kisses; Caitlin took care of his rehabilitation. She taught him how to walk, run, play, etc. She never left his side. Caitlin has transformed her 'brother'. Ryan is now a very happy, healthy and smart little boy. They are both 3 1/2 years old now. They are my babies and I absolutely adore them both. I am so grateful for the turnaround Ryan has made and I am grateful to Caitlin for her dedication to Ryan.

Sadie Steve Lindblom
Name: Sadie
We got sadie about a year ago, she was a yearling pup. Frankly I was not all that enthused about adopting her. I had heard all the horror stories about Pit Pulls but the situation was that either we adopted her or off she would go to the local pound and an almost certain death, something that, despite my reservations, I could not allow to happen.

Once past our getting to know you period I found in Sadie the heart of a noble, courageous and extremely loving dog. I have owned many dogs in my 46 years and I have never had a dog that was as attentive and loving towards me.

Her previous owner had not bothered to train her at all so she was a bit of a handful at first but I found that she was extremely easy to civilize. Her desire to please was so strong and her intelligence so sharp that it only took about 2 weeks of effort to have her walking a leash nicely and generally behaving herself.

Sadie loves to play with other dogs and is very friendly towards cats. She displays none of the prey instinct people often associate with Pit Bulls. At first she is wary and watchful of strangers but once I display a friendly welcome to someone Sadie immediately becomes friendly towards them. I like that she awaits my reaction to strangers, that may come in handy some day.

Sadie love to play tug of war with a thick pull toy I have fashioned from thick nylon rope. You haven't lived till you have played tug of war with a 100lb Pit! She gleefully growls and makes happy scary noises and holds on so tight I can get her spinning around all 4 feet off the ground, something she just loves.

As enthusiastic a playmate she is outside, once in my home she immediately settles down and takes on an almost cat like way of just laying on anything soft and comfy for long happy naps.

Now at about 2 years old Sadie is more than just a beloved pet, because of the way she attends to me and responds to me she feels like she is a natural extension of myself. Its remarkible sometimes. All I have to do is look at her and think about taking her for a walk and she jumps up all happy and excited and stands by the door waiting for me.

She and I are a team. And she is my best furry friend.

Izer marcia-pan for sanhan
Name: Izer
i don't have a dog now and never did. i have cats. but my bestest friend in the whole world (we are both czech, 58, and lucky to have found each other) has IZER. Izer was her son's dog. But when he moved to Co. she could not let izer leave. she had fallen madly in love with him. though she's becoming an old lady, (i am too) and has a human mate, she always says izer is the only man in her life. and the bestest dog she's ever met. without any words even, they always understand each other. they rejoice in nature together. Just like spinnaker and Paul Fierlinger.

Walter Betsy
Name: Walter
I am obsessed with my dog and, in place of embarrassing myself in social situations with blathering on about him, I have dedicated an online journal to him. Please check it out if you have the chance. I can't sum up my love for Walter in just one tale.

Jerry Name: Tara
I found Tara at an animal shelter. I was there to see a different dog, but when I got there, he barked and growled and otherwise expressed his lack of interest. I didnt even see Tara at first I stopped to pet a dog opposite her, and almost missed the small tight ball of black fur. Distressed by her surroundings, Tara was trying to escape them as much as possible. I only petted her out of pity, and chose her for mostly the same reason. Once she was home, however, I was surprised to find that I had a funny, exuberant dog with along spotted tongue and a high happy tail. Supernaturally clever, she knows several words, can open cabinets and the front door unaided, trick my boyfriends poor dog into leaving the best spot on the dog bed and relinquishing the preferred toy of the moment. Sweet and patient, she goes where I go, even to class, where she waits outside and soaks up attention from ever-passing undergraduates. Beauty, Love, Tarabell, Vominatrix, K-9 Hairbomber, good and bad, she is my Dog and she is great.

Jerry Jerry-Mom
Name: Jerry
I met her at the store. She changed my life style. I did not wake up early before, but since she came,I wake up early in the morning. Very healthy life-style. Come and see us,if you like!!

Laney Victoria Gallucci
Name: Penny Lane (Laney)
Laney is a mini wire-haired dachshund. She came into my life two years ago and made some significant changes to my somewhat isolated lifestyle. I had lived in my neighborhood for several years and yet barely knew anyone. Laney made a point of "introducing" me to everyone on my block - sometimes by pulling me up onto people's porches. Two years later, I know over 25 people that I did not know before Laney came along. Living with her is like living with a celebrity; everyone loves Laney. I tell her every day that she's the best dog on the planet -because she is. I also tell her every day that I love her - because I do.

Cooper Chip Carman
Name: Cooper
Cooper is a four year old Golden Retriever with the sweetest disposition on the planet. I bought him after the death of my mother and he has truly been man's best friend. Don't know what I would have done in my grief without his constant unflinching affection.

ruby Name: Ruby

woof,woof!...wooof wooof ruff woof...growl..tail wag!!...woof woof woof! Ruby has a lot to say! She also sings.... ...oooooooooh roooooooh...hoooooowl...ooooooh! WOOF!

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