Art & Copy

Film Credits

Directed by
Doug Pray

Produced by
Jimmy Greenway
Michael Nadeau

Original concept by
Gregory Beauchamp
Kirk Souder

Executive Producer
Mary Warlick

Executive Producers
David Baldwin
Gregory Beauchamp
Kirk Souder

Director of Photography
Peter Nelson

Edited by
Philip Owens

Original Music by
Jeff Martin

Associate Producer
Kevin Swanepoel

Narrative Consultant
Timothy J. Sexton

Story Structure by
Doug Pray
Philip Owens

Research Supervisor
Stephanie Gholam

Stan Friedman
Stephanie Meurer
Philip Owens
Diana Rathe Pray

Ad Archive Coordinator

Production Audio
Thomas Popp
Taylor Tosh
John Zecca

Lighting Crew
Phillip Badger
Marshall Coles
Shawn Sullivan
Kary Sweeney

Additional Cinematography and Editing
Doug Pray

Tamara Bennett
Joanne Edwards
Matthew Goodman
Sherilyn Lawson
Roxanne Manzano

Production Stills
Chris Glancy
Michael Nadeau

Production Coordinator
Anne Ortega

Post-Production Coordinator
Nage Canchola

Assistant Editors
Peter Duddington
Anthony Smedile

DI Colorist
Tyler Hawes

Conform Editor
Gustavo Mendes

DI Executive Producer
Micah Gallo

DI Project Producer
Peter Dana

DI Project Coordinator
Raelyn Young

Post Production Audio by
Subtractive, Inc.

Supervising Sound Editor
Kyle Schember

Re-Recording Mixers
Luke Bechthold Kyle Schember

Sound Design
Ryan Stuit

Dialogue Editor
Luke Bechthold

Score Mixed by
Bill Sanke

Main Titles and Graphics by

Legal Services provided by
Greg S. Bernstein
Lisa A. Callif
Michael C. Donaldson

Music Written by Jeff Martin
Performed by Idaho
Courtesy of Idahomusic Records, Living End Publishing

Written by Bill Sanke
Performed by Bill Sanke and Bryan Kertenian

“To Be the One” (Instrumental)
Written by Jeff Martin and Dan Seta

“I Love New York”
Written by Steve Karmen
©1977 Elsmere Music, Inc. All rights reserved.
©Renewed 2005 Elsmere Music, Inc. All rights reserved.

“Ritmo De Crucito (Ya Lo Se)”
Written and Performed by Coati Mundi
Courtesy of Rainbowphonic Music (BMI)

Thanks Arianespace
Bart Brooks
Clear Channel Communications
Jacques Denavaut
Engraved Rocks of Carapa, French Guiana
Jean-Yves Le Gall
David Green
Greenwyck Farm
Claudia Hoyau
Chris Kelder
Jerry Kerr
Mario de Lepine
Aaron Lewis
Russ Mason
Clayton Mowry
Judi Palmer
Jean-Pierre Policard
Edie Roberts
Tom Scaggs
Stop and Shop, New Paltz, New York
Jonte Story
Tony Strnad
Sutro Tower, Inc., San Francisco, California
Chad, Stacie, Kyla, Skyler and Trent Tiedeman Gene Zastrow

In memory of Hal Riney 1932 - 2008

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