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Former President of the Maldives Arrested in Male

Former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed was arrested this afternoon in Male before his hearing tomorrow at Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court. Nasheed is also the subject of the upcoming Independent Lens documentary The Island President (airing April 22), which chronicles his first year in office. Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News, “We have received the … READ MORE

#SheDocs to the Rescue! Finally, a Film Festival Places Women at the Forefront

Sad fact: Only 11 percent of films have female protagonists. Not #SheDocs. Running March 1 to 31, #SheDocs online film festival boasts 100 percent female leads. Independent filmmakers in the festival spotlight women who are working to transform their lives, their communities, and the world. All 10 films will be made available free online on the … READ MORE

Announcing the 2013 PBS Online Film Festival!

It’s back! The PBS Online Film Festival returns for its second year, today! The 25 films in the festival, including shorts from Independent Lens and POV, will be available for viewing — and voting — between March 4 to 22. The same goofball hosts from the 2012 festival, Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco of the National Film Society, … READ MORE

Get Your Dose of History: 8 Documentaries for Black History Month

The most fascinating chapters of America’s past, including our stories of tragedy, pride, creativity, and triumph, are arguably contained in African American history. Black History Month is our yearly pop-up reminder to reconnect with these stories. Though, as last year’s Independent Lens documentary More Than a Month points out, why contain it to just one … READ MORE

Revising The Revisionaries: The Texas Board of Ed Loses Power over Textbooks

As recently as last year, the Texas State Board of Education had the power to rewrite history. The Revisionaries (airing Jan. 28 on Independent Lens) captures the scope of the board’s reign. In the documentary’s intro, ABC News reporter Dan Harris interviews former board chair Don McLeroy in 2010. “You have been quoted as saying … READ MORE

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with 8 Documentaries

November is Native American Heritage Month, but that wasn’t always the case. At one point, it was a single day to honor Native American history, and before that, there was no official government recognition at all. The history of the day that became a month is actually quite interesting, first proposed by the Native American … READ MORE

Ten Documentaries about Poverty and Power

The current economy has given us an occasion to wonder how attainable the American dream is. If you start with nothing, can you actually pull yourself up by the bootstraps, Horatio-Alger style? Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream (premiering Nov. 12 on Independent Lens) poses this question by examining two neighborhoods through which … READ MORE

After Love Free or Die, Our Top Ten List of Religious Documentaries

As the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson is no stranger to controversy. He wore a bullet-proof vest to his consecration in 2003. Robinson stars in Love Free or Die (broadcast Oct. 29 on Independent Lens), a documentary that follows his journey as he calls for equality from New Hampshire to London. Religious documentaries such … READ MORE

The Island President’s Jon Shenk on Turmoil in the Maldives

For documentary filmmakers, breaking news can be either a blessing or a curse. By the time Jon Shenk finished directing The Island President (premiering April 2013 on Independent Lens), his title character was no longer the island president. The military and police ousted Mohamed Nasheed, a human rights activist and environmentalist, as leader of the Maldives in February … READ MORE

Herb & Dorothy Filmmaker Megumi Sasaki on the Death of Herb Vogel

You might remember the inspirational couple Herb and Dorothy Vogel from Independent Lens‘s 2009 film Herb & Dorothy. The pair assembled one of the most important post-1960 art collections in history on their modest civil-service salaries. Sadly, Herb Vogel passed away this July just before his 90th birthday. Filmmaker Megumi Sasaki had grown close to … READ MORE