Behind the Scenes

A woman sits on the left, wearing a pink scarf and a coat. Over her shoulder looking toward the floor is a curly-haired man. A blonde woman with glasses sits on the right with a camera over her right shoulder. What led Vanessa Gould to make her first film? What does she think filmmaking and paper folding have in common?

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Vanessa Gould smiles at the camera. She has short blond hair and black-rimmed cat-eye glasses. The director reveals the challenges and inspirations behind making a documentary film about ideas.

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Filmmaker Vanessa Gould—with short blond hair, glasses and wearing a pale green sweater—looks into a camera with a microphone mounted on top. Meet Vanessa Gould, read her bio, learn about her favorite films and more.

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A white origami koi fish hovers over a white background. See who was involved in making the film.

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