The Filmmaker

Vanessa Gould

What keeps her motivated as an independent filmmaker:

For me, there was a kind of gravitational pull to share this story. It was one of those things where it becomes an irrevocable, unconditional goal; one where you’re willing to take all the hardship and stress and sacrifice and doubt, because something just keeps pushing you along, something hard to describe. Maybe it’s just the age-old drive to express ideas through pictures.

Her three favorite films:

I think I understand documentaries better than other kinds of films, so I’m kind of limited to that genre. It’s hard to say “favorites,” but a few films that will always continue to amaze me are Errol Morris’s Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil and Godfrey Reggio’s Qatsi trilogy (so I guess that’s five films). In each of these, the manner of presentation transcends each frame and tells a story all its own.

Her advice for aspiring filmmakers:

1) Be ready to accept the ups and downs of any project and avoid being defeated; you’ll almost always emerge wiser and stronger when you push through. 2) Find a thread in your story that you think everyone can relate to and use it as your anchor. 3) Trust your intuition, as it’s probably a better guide than anything you could ever argue or rationalize.

Her most inspirational food for making independent film:

Does coffee count as food?


Vanessa Gould has studied a mix of science, art, theory, math and design over the past two decades, including architecture and astrophysics at Columbia and music at the New England Conservatory. BETWEEN THE FOLDS was a project born of great admiration for the artists and scientists working in paper, and the belief that their remarkable work should be documented and shared. She is also a pianist and painter.

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