Your 15 Minutes of Fame: Don’t Stop Believin’ Cover Song Contest

To celebrate the Sept. 30th PBS Independent Lens premiere of Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey, we want to give you your 15 minutes of fame.

Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey follows the real life rock ‘n’ roll fairy tale of Filipino Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from YouTube to become the front man for iconic rock band Journey.

Now then: using either Vine or Instagram, pay homage to the legendary rockers by recording a cover of their classic song, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Tag it using the hashtag #DontStopBelievin and you could receive a signed poster from the band! Deadline for entries is October 7th.

Then check out your video, as well as the competition, at Our new new social media hub, powered by Postano, is where you can see everyone’s submissions in real time, staying connected to the conversation — and the singing — as it happens.

[PS: Now you can find Independent Lens on Instagram.]

Update: Winners announced here

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  • Bob

    I’m glad they’re finally trying to find themselves a real singer, but
    they would probably do better to just change their name because. . .
    they aren’t Journey! More like Trip to nowhere if you ask me.

    • monotheist

      You’re crazy. Arnel Pineda has an incredible voice. While I grew up listening to Steve Perry and he is one of the greats, Arnel Pineda definitely can hold his own.

  • Andrea McNamara Trotter

    Not only is arnel Pineda amazing-he has brought incredible life to their stage show. I saw them live and they were AMAZING!!!

  • Michele

    I think Arnel completes the band in a way no one else really could… and I think it’s absolutely amazing!! and to think it’s all started over again from a little web surfing.. :)

  • Juanita Bontrager Richards

    I also grew up listening to Steve Perry. Arnel has a super sounding voice. Go Journey, still love listening to you!

  • jqlts

    I always feel sorry for the new lead singers Journey brings in. Steve Perry is Steve Perry. It’s not fair for new singers to have to imitate someone else (no matter how good they are, like Arnel); they want to have their own voices heard. Journey was wonderful, but if they’re not going to bring back Steve they need to move on. Steve Perry’s first solo was one of only 2 that I’ve actually worn out more than once and still listen to. Arnel wants to write his own songs and to sing them, according to the documentary. He should get his chance, too. Steve Perry had his shot and was/is wonderful–He made Journey, but not alone. You can’t live in the past–move on and see who goes along. . . .

  • Gina

    Thank you Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain for believing in Arnel!

  • cheryl

    What a beautiful and inspiring story is Arnel’s. Thank you for bringing it to us PBS.

  • Laurel Biglin

    Wednesday October 2, 2013 4:19 AM Page, AZ (MST)
    I would like to express my compliments of this Journey singer-songwriter lead man Arnel Peneda documentary! It was astounding, very inspirational, great footage, it was clear, moving, very honest, very real & I savored every moment. I learned a lot from this documentary about human suffering & hope. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU PBS for another masterpiece documentary! 😀
    Mrs. Laurel A. Begay-Biglin (Page, AZ USA)

  • dan kinnard

    by far the most interesting i.l. loved journey, loved the story. great topic, strong muti-cultural/generational appeal.

  • Bob Merrihew

    This is one of the best stories that I’ve seen or read! It’s not about Journey or replacing Steve Perry. It’s an incredible story about a poor, motherless, homeless boy and his journey to Journey. Most people would have jumped off a bridge if they lived what he lived. Arnel’s life lessons were very human, not hyped up or rife with biased story. It was joy, pain, sadness, hope, humility, love, and, many times, at the edge of his very being.

  • Bo Kauffmann

    That documentary was an excellent show. And Arnel is a great singer in his own right.