Filmmakers Danfung Dennis (Hell and Back Again) and Marshall Curry (If A Tree Falls) both appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation this week to discuss their respective films — both of which are nominees for Best Documentary Feature. Listen to the interviews with host Neal Conan, below:

Hell and Back Again
“After so many years of war, society’s become numb to pictures of conflict, and so I felt like I had to move into a new medium to try to shake people from their indifference.” — Danfung Dennis on Hell and Back Again (the documentary will air May 24 and on Memorial Day on Independent Lens) LISTEN TO FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

If A Tree Falls
“Part of the story is a look at a small … faction of the environmental movement which became disaffected and began to feel like the democratic process wasn’t working, and they needed to do more radical actions.”Marshall Curry on If A Tree Falls (which is streaming for a limited time on POV‘s website) LISTEN TO FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

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